Happy 70th Birthday, Israel! Be a blessing!

Some of us know that the modern state of Israel was born May 14, 1948. On the Hebrew calendar it was Iyar 5, which is the date Israel celebrates. This year Iyar 5 falls in April. I have been in Jerusalem for Independence Day, but I had to deal — way back in 2016 — with the fact that I would not be in Israel for her 70th birthday. I knew I had to leave and would not be able to return in time for this celebration.

Prison Fence

Let us pray as Pastor Andrew Brunson tried in Turkey

At the Crossroads, a Middle East ministry with which I’ve worked, wrote: Today we are inviting the Body of Christ to stand with us in prayer over the trial for Andrew Brunson. Andrew is an American pastor & our friend from Izmir, Turkey, who has been jailed over supposed connections to the group accused of organizing a failed military coup in July 2016. The charges against Andrew are completely baseless, and Andrew’s lawyer, Ismail Cem […]

Prayer alert: At the Crossroads 2018

It is time to pray for At the Crossroads’ Jerusalem gathering once again. Those of you who have been with me for several years know of my work with At the Crossroads, “a relational network of men and women, both nationals and internationals, serving the nations of the Isaiah 19 Highway in the Middle East.” An invitation for me to document the first gathering in 2012 was my introduction to Christ Church Jerusalem and, more […]

Roaring Lion. Credit: vecteezy.com

The Lion of Judah, Jerusalem and the Nations

A Vision Received by Rick Ridings in Jerusalem As we were worshipping in Succat Hallel, I saw the majesty and sovereignty of the Lion of Judah, as He sat on a Throne above the Temple Mount.  He was so perfectly calm, so absolutely in control.  He had been watching for a long time to the North, South, East, and West as thousands of small demons had been frantically building wooden bridges to Jerusalem. At the […]

Prayer alert: US refuses Iranian Christians; Syria escalations

Since I started writing about my US-based seminary life, I’ve lost some subscribers. They didn’t say why, but perhaps it is because I’m writing less about Israel and Middle East affairs and news in general. School keeps me very busy with reading and writing. Still, I do scan headlines. Journalism is still a vocation, even if it’s in the background right now. This morning, I saw two news items that require prayer and attention from […]