Why the church should stand with Israel

Joel Rosenberg lays out several reasons why Christians should stand with modern Israel, how Israel is a fulfillment of prophesy and how the treatment of Israel could affect a nation. “The Church is splitting over the nation of Israel. It has for years, and it will get worse. The world is turning against the nation of Israel. And the question is ‘What will you and your congregation do?’ We have to get this Biblically right because we’re going stand before Jesus very soon.”

Israel & the Nations & Jesus’ judgment (video)

Last November, the United Nations voted 138-9 to declare Palestine a (nonmember observer) state with East Jerusalem as its capital. If you are a Bible-believer, you MUST come to terms with the truth that Israel is God’s land and he gave it to Abraham and his descendants through Isaac. While the Land has been divided throughout history under various circumstances, we have a unique situation that begs our attention. The world has voted to divide Jerusalem. God is clear. There are consequences for dividing the Land and for exploiting and persecuting the Jews.

Shavuot – a big day for Israel, twice

Tuesday at sunset begins the Jewish Festival of Weeks, called Shavuot in Hebrew. Many of us know it by its Greek name, Pentecost. Pentecost is not an exclusive “Christian” event. Firstly, Pentecost is what the Greek-speaking Jews of the first century called Shavuot. Secondly, the 120 who were the first to experience the comforting Spirit of Truth that Yeshua promised in John 14 were all practicing Jews. So were the 300 baptized after Peter’s sermon that day.

Ishmael: God’s heart for Israel’s neighbors (video)

The LORD is making it clear to us that even as we learn to love Israel just as He loves her, He exhorts us not to forget Ishmael. Ishmael, even in Muslim tradition, is the father of the Arabs and ancestor of Mohammed. What we too often overlook is that God four times says that Ishmael is blessed. His name means “God hears.” God still hears Ishmael crying in the wilderness and longs to reconcile with him and bring him back into the camp.