Eying Syria, Israelis scramble for gas masks, pray for mercy

Israelis are waiting in lines for hours for government-issued gas masks even as a U.S.-led strike on Syria is in a holding pattern after the UK parliament votes against cooperating. This Friday evening, Orthodox Israelis will be praying earnestly for God’s mercy on our nation. Across our nation, the Messianic Jews and born-again Israeli Arabs will be seeking God’s favor in our congregational services. We ask you to join in prayer that God will be jealous for His people, in spite of our sin.

Why the church should stand with Israel

Joel Rosenberg lays out several reasons why Christians should stand with modern Israel, how Israel is a fulfillment of prophesy and how the treatment of Israel could affect a nation. “The Church is splitting over the nation of Israel. It has for years, and it will get worse. The world is turning against the nation of Israel. And the question is ‘What will you and your congregation do?’ We have to get this Biblically right because we’re going stand before Jesus very soon.”