Prayer alert: US refuses Iranian Christians; Syria escalations

Since I started writing about my US-based seminary life, I’ve lost some subscribers. They didn’t say why, but perhaps it is because I’m writing less about Israel and Middle East affairs and news in general. School keeps me very busy with reading and writing. Still, I do scan headlines. Journalism is still a vocation, even if it’s in the background right now. This morning, I saw two news items that require prayer and attention from […]

Count it all joy, El Paso

Friends,  I have so much I’d like to share. In just three short weeks, I’ve read more than a have in a long while, met amazing men and women of God, debated somewhat, thought a lot. Yes, I was all ready a thinker, but now I have time and encouragement to really ruminate and consider some of the deeper things. Consequently, I haven’t followed through on some thoughts I want to share with you about […]

A nation born in a day

As the sun set in Jerusalem, the mood went from mourning to dancing. Israel has their Memorial Day the day before Independence Day to remember the cost of freedom. Today we have a short history in video by Maoz Israel. It starts with the First Zionist Congress in 1897 and goes through all the political and legal declarations of Israel’s statehood.