Bakery review: Tufiney vs. Neeman

With the Feast of Trumpets and Rosh HaShanah (New Year) starting at sundown last Wednesday, shops began to close at midday. Most would remain closed until Sunday morning as the two-day new year holiday ran right into shabbat. People stocked up pantries and refrigerators and stayed in. Well, Sunday morning, I got up and headed out to having breakfast with God at a cafe now that the streets were bustling with buses and more and […]

Shabbat shalom – dinner and a walk

Greetings. Something a bit more low key, today. It is Friday night (well, will be early Saturday morning by the time I’m done tapping this out). So the city is quiet, families are in their homes having shared a meal, kicking back, maybe reading the Word. A couple of weeks ago, I shared a shabbat meal with some intercessors as we said good-bye to Terry, who has since headed back to the U.S. Traditionally, before […]

Jerusalem, feels like I never left

West walls of Old City Jerusalem It’s been a busy two days. Ginnom Valley as seen from the Succat Hallel gate I arrived in Jerusalem on Wednesday about 430 am, crashed and slept until noon. Met and chatted with one of my flatmates, took a walk, bought the very basics in groceries, tried to unpack, had dinner with my other flatmate then wrestled with a laptop issue until I had to go to sleep, about […]

Bronco Swapmeet, an impromptu photo essay

This morning, my 94-year-old got a haircut. She was quite happy (told me it was for her boyfriend, then laughed hard at her own joke). She had dressed up and put on makeup. So mom decided an outing was in order. We headed to the Bronco Swapmeet. It’s an outdoor market with everything from prom dresses and cowboy boots to taco and snow cone stands. It’s always fun to just walk and see what’s for […]

Israel & Church in End Times

A week ago, three of us were driving through Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas on our way back from the International House of Prayer. It’s taken me this long to update you because I’ve had to sort through many things. The conference and time at IHOP was great. The teaching was encouraging and enlightening and challenging. I was introduced to a Bible teacher new to me: David Pawson. I say ‘new to me’ because Mr. Pawson […]