War and peace in Jerusalem

“So glad you’re not in work today. Just seen stabbings at Jaffa Gate.” So read a text message from my best friend in Cardiff, Wales. My heart sank, and I quickly went to a news website, which confirmed the attacks. (The two attackers were killed, and two victims have died). Then a text message from an Israeli friend asking if I was O.K. made sense. I thought she’d messaged only because I hadn’t answered her […]

How to Pray: ‘Not now!’ to terrorism in Jerusalem

I am sure you are aware the recent wave of terror attacks in Israel, centered in Jerusalem. Since October 1st and until today – October 16th, the number of casualties is: 7 have lost their lives, 99 were injured, among them 10 are in severe medical condition. Many have been asking how we have been led to pray in Succat Hallel. Here are a few major points: I Believe We Are to “Re-Enforce” a “Gag […]

How to Pray for Peace of Jerusalem

The following prayer points were sent out by Rev. David Pileggi at Christ Church Jerusalem, where I serve. That God will pour out his peace and the bloodshed will come to an end. For God’s protection of human life – in every community. For the Palestinian press that has been inciting the public with wildly exaggerated reports and untruthful stories. For the few politicians (on both sides) who are cynically using the unrest for their […]