PSA: Put UV filters on your lenses

We interrupt this blog for a photo public service announcement (PSA). I was on day three of a four day conference I was documenting. We’d just come down from the Mount of Olives, and I was cooling off before dinner. I was also getting my photo gear ready for the evening session. So I take out the camera with the telephoto lens out of the backpack and go to put the hood on when I […]

Samaritan Passover offering on stake

Samaritan Passover offers a picture of Yeshua crucified

Paul tell us that Yeshua is our Passover lamb sacrificed for us. Even when doing the modern, Rabbinical Jewish seder, one sees Messiah all over it. But in the Samaritan Passover we get the closest to seeing what an observant Jew would have practiced and seen through the Temple periods. When Paul says Jesus is our Passover, when John the Baptist introduces his cousin as “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!”, this is what they were visualizing.

Full moon over Old City Jerusalem

‘Super moon’ over Jerusalem

This weekend, the moon was the closest to the earth during it’s fullest phase, giving us a “super moon.” While in North America the full moon was Saturday night, in Jerusalem it was at its fullest on Sunday night. Next time I’ve got to get higher so I can get the moon lower on the horizon to increase the “super” effect. But here is the full moon rising over the Old City walls.