Justice for bombing survivor, glory for Yeshua

In March of 2008, an Israeli teen found a holiday package on his door step. It was Purim, the day Jews celebrate their deliverance from Haman’s plot to rid Persia of the Jews. The boy took the package inside. When he opened it, it exploded, shrapnel ripping his body. Ami Ortiz is a pastor’s son. The family’s offense: believing and proclaiming that Yeshua (Jesus) is the promised Messiah of Israel.

Messianic worship service with Ted Pearce on Thursday (El Paso)

When I returned from Israel, I was hungry for good Messianic worship music. I had free downloads from a trial on eMusic.com, so searched for music. I downloaded several songs from different artists, but the clips by Ted Pearce sounded best. Once I downloaded and played the entire songs, I was hooked. This guy was singing the Word, praising God and praying for Israel through song. I lead the Israel prayer watch at the Justice […]

A little more Christ-Mass this Epiphany

Today is Christmas in parts of the world… and Day of the Magi in others. So as the Christmas season closes for most of us, I share one more seasonal story. It is not my own. It is of a family who saw their infant son die on Christmas Eve. I heard about Samuel through Xanga. The family has shown amazing faith and grace through their ordeal. I encourage you to read a recent post […]

Xanga, I can’t feel your Pulse

[Hmm… email posting is working at the moment. Will the revival last?] For a while now, we’ve gotten different people saying “Xanga is dead.” I’ve ignored all that. I have my small but loyal group of readers. I have friendships that started and were nurtured here. This is where I started blogging nearly a decade ago and to where I returned after trying other sites. Now, I’m on the verge of going elsewhere. Hosting my […]