Fall feasts: Blow a shofar in Zion! Redemption draws nigh

The Day of Trumpets is to be a day on which a sound is to go up memorializing the greatness and faithfulness of the LORD! The sound of the shofar also speaks of the Source of our redemption. It was through a ram caught in a thicket by its horn (from whence is made a shofar) that God “provided the lamb” to take the place of Isaac on Mount Moriah. We believe that it is this relation to the “Lamb of God” who carries away the sin of the world.

Week in Review

London attack reminds of the spiritual battle

Witnesses saw two men strike with a car a British soldier on his way back to the barracks. The two men were seen then hacking at the soldier with knives and a cleaver. After killing the soldier, one of the attackers made a statement of motive to a filming bystander. In the video, the attacker’s hands are vividly red with blood, holding the murder weapons. These men who killed this soldier are not the enemy. They are captives of Satan, doing his bidding whether by persuasion or deception. The enemy is the fallen angel now known as Satan.