Rumble in Nineveh

The U.S. invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan had different original goals originally – the establishment of a threefold cord – Western democracy, a solid economy and a pro-Western military power. This week all three of those pillars have shattered with jihadi group ISIS taking control of Mosul and with the Iraqi government turning to Iran for help.

A Daniel call concerning the ‘hinge years’ of 2014, 2015

We as prayer leaders must beware to not just pray into “the tyranny of the urgent,” and we must not just use a shotgun approach in this era of information overload. Rather than just praying in response to the flood of news coming our way, we need to learn to enter into the “council of the Lord” like Daniel, one of the greatest intercessors of the Bible. Daniel was a man who understood the times and the seasons. Rick Ridings and others see a convergence of three factors which, taken together, would seem to say that the Lord is drawing our attention to be alert and seeking His counsel as to how we should pray in these “hinge years” of 2014/2015.

Israeli: Syria is duel between Obama, Putin

Russia has successfully neutralized the United Nations. With its veto in the Security Council, the U.N. will do nothing to save Syrian lives. Who does the U.S. have on its side? Perhaps France, and a few mealy-mouthed Arab dictators — like Saudi Arabia. The duel between the U.S. and Russia went into full swing Thursday, as the G20 met.