What does Bible say about the Golan Heights?

It is interesting that this week’s Torah Portion (Numbers 19:1-22:1) ends on the Golan Heights with God instructing Moses, regarding the ruling power there, “Do not fear him, for I have delivered him into your hand, with all his people and his land.” The land eventually became part of the inheritance of the tribe of Manasseh. Golan is mentioned several times in Scripture as the location of a “city of refuge” in Bashan, and that is the name by which the region is known today, the Golan Heights.

Why the church should stand with Israel

Joel Rosenberg lays out several reasons why Christians should stand with modern Israel, how Israel is a fulfillment of prophesy and how the treatment of Israel could affect a nation. “The Church is splitting over the nation of Israel. It has for years, and it will get worse. The world is turning against the nation of Israel. And the question is ‘What will you and your congregation do?’ We have to get this Biblically right because we’re going stand before Jesus very soon.”