God is shaking Egypt so they’ll become His people

A lot of people were excited on July 3, saying Egypt had thrown off this bondage when Mohamed Morsi was removed from power. I’m very happy that the Egyptian young people went to the streets to demand Morsi’s removal. It’s shows that there are many in Egypt who are waking up to the demonic bondage brought by Islam. Unfortunately, I don’t believe the shaking is over yet. I believe Isaiah 19 describes the season Egypt is in right now.

Help birth revival in the youth of Israel

In Ezekiel 37, we see the dry bones of the nation of Israel coming together, with muscle and skin covering skeletal frames to form an army. The LORD Himself says in verse 12 that it speaks of the return of the Jews to the Land of Israel. Just as the world has been witnessing the physical rebirth of Israel for 65 years, we who live in Israel are witnessing the spiritual resurrection of Israel. This birthing is in progress, and we are called to help it along in prayer.

Conflict over who to be worshiped on Jerusalem’s holy hill

The LORD showed us many years ago that the Middle East conflict cannot be understood just in traditional terms of wars, history, refugees and borders. We need to understand that it is a huge spiritual battle. It is probably the biggest spiritual battle in the world. It’s a battle for Jerusalem. In Jerusalem, it is a battle for the Temple Mount. Ultimately, it is a battle for who will be worshiped on God’s holy hill.

Root of worldwide abortion?

Many who pray for Israel are not aware that abortion is widespread here. In fact, the government offers two free abortions to each young woman serving her two years in the Israeli Defense Forces. Be’ad Chaim, a Messianic pro-life ministry in Israel, estimates that every fourth pregnancy in Israel is terminated by abortion. Could this infanticide be tied to the ancient worship of an abominable god?

Keys to praying for the new government of Israel

In Psalm 45, the psalmist is talking about Messiah, who is the essence of good government. Jesus is the standard of perfect government. He is the only wise King, the best measure of what good government should look like. From this passage we see four keys to good government: righteousness, humility, truth, justice. As Netanyahu’s new government goes forward, we should pray these qualities for him and his leadership.