How to survive end-time battles

Lessons learned during the Second Intifada Either the wave of knifing attacks in Jerusalem have slowed or we’re desensitizing. The atmosphere in the city has felt lighter, though it is still wise to be watchful. Many of the attacks this past week seemed to be outside Jerusalem. Contributor Rick Ridings spoke last week at Succat Hallel about living through the Second Intifada in the early 2000s. He shared lessons that we all should take to […]

Ripples of violence disrupt life in Jerusalem

I’ve been pondering for days what to write about last week’s events in  Jerusalem. Reporting a lot of detail is a waste of time. There are ample news sources doing a good job (and watchful groups calling out those doing a TERRIBLE job. CNN & MSNBC, I’m looking at you). Instead, I want to share some of the ripples I’ve seen and felt every time a stone is thrown in the water. Prayer is suddenly […]

How to Pray for Peace of Jerusalem

The following prayer points were sent out by Rev. David Pileggi at Christ Church Jerusalem, where I serve. That God will pour out his peace and the bloodshed will come to an end. For God’s protection of human life – in every community. For the Palestinian press that has been inciting the public with wildly exaggerated reports and untruthful stories. For the few politicians (on both sides) who are cynically using the unrest for their […]

Daily attacks leave Israelis looking over their shoulders

Tension continues to rise in Jerusalem and other parts of Israel as knife attacks continue. The week started with a botched car bombing that killed the female bomber and injured a vigilant police officer. I didn’t even remember that happened last Sunday because so much has happened since. What follows is a partial list published by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It seems they haven’t updated their list since Wednesday. October 11 – Maaleh […]