What drives the content of this site?

God says in Hosea 4:6 that his people die because they lack knowledge. The whole counsel of God — from Genesis to Revelation — is the lens through which we must view the world. News should prompt us to pray for two things: that the eyes of the lost and deceived are opened to God’s love as expressed through the life and death and life of Yeshua and that God’s Kingdom come on earth.

Why so much Israel news?

God always meant Israel to be an example to the nations, an example of His righteousness, His justice, His mercy, His love. She is also a signpost. Consider this. Zion, God’s other name of Jerusalem, means “signpost.” Messiah draws nigh. The events in Zion speak to that.

Documenting church history

Pentecostes by Juan Bautista MainoI discovered my favorite church painter in Madrid, Spain. Friar Juan Bautista Maino’s depictions of biblical scenes have the most realism and vitality. One of his two Pentecost depictions jumped out at me because he includes a scribe. While those gathered in the Upper Room look up at the Holy Spirit, there is one guy furiously writing it all down. That’s me. I am God’s journalist documenting His movement among the believers and listening for His prophetic voice.

Who is Roaming Chile?

The short answer: Child of the Living God, joint heir with Yeshua the Messiah, American by birth, Texan by the grace of God, Aggie by His divine appointment . 😀

Nationality: Texan 😉

Occupation: seminary student, church media coordinator, blogger, photojournalist

So, what is a Messianic Gentile?

For those who prefer the Greek root, I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus the Christ. If we go to the Hebrew root instead, I am a Messianic, a follower of Yeshua the Messiah. By Messiah we mean the promised ruler of Israel, God’s chosen people. Through God’s grace, we non-Jews are allowed into the family, grafted into God’s select tree, as Paul tells us in Romans 11.

Why “Roaming Chile”?

I worked as the staff photographer for both a Spanish-language weekly and English-language business weekly in Southern California. The reporters and I had great camaraderie. Carol, one of the reporters for the business weekly, is of Korean descent and sometimes struggled with all our Spanish names. One of the other reporters had ‘Guevara’ in her surname, which can tongue tie some non-Spanish speakers. Carol decided — tongue firmly in cheek — that she would call the other reporter Guava and that all of us should have fruit and vegetable nicknames. Carol immediately turned to me and said, “Of course, you shall be Chile Pepper” because of my noted use of spicy condiments. Also, up to that point, I’d lived and worked in seven cities in six years (university, first jobs, career change, internships). So the moniker Roaming Chile was born. I’ve since added other cities. As of Janaury 2018, the cities are El Paso, Texas; College Station, Texas; Brownsville, Texas; Albuquerque, N.M.; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Las Vegas, Nevada; Riverside, Calif.; Minneapolis, Minn; Cardiff, Wales, UK; Jerusalem, Israel; and Pittsburgh, Penn. It is all the LORD’s doing.


The RoamingChile — well — roams. The best way to contact is by email:
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