Illustration by the Israel Defense Forces.
Graphic posted by the Israel Defense Forces after the bomb siren sounded in the city. Two explosions were heard, but no injuries reported.

The bomb siren went off in Jerusalem this evening. Israeli media are reporting that there was a barrage of 40 long-range rockets from Gaza. As of this writing, there are no reported injuries.

Israel began Operation Protective Edge early this morning, striking Hamas in Gaza. As many as a dozen have been killed by Israeli strikes, dozens more injured.

Hamas evidently launched a varied attack. The Israel Defense Forces reportedly killed five Hamas men who were trying to attack a kibbutz from the sea (graphic video). There was a report of an abandoned parachute found that may be suspicious. There were reports earlier in the day that a kibbutz near the border with Egypt may have been infiltrated by Hamas agents.

Israel seems to be seriously considering a ground attack on Gaza. The cabinet approved a call up on 40,000 reservists, with 15,000 being called up today. A friend called to say that her husband was among those called in the first wave and had already reported to base.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today that this offensive “may take time.” So it looks like this won’t be a short operation.

I don’t know if we can call it war, but it’s getting really close. That 40,000 reservist call-up is significant.

Below is a video by the Israel Defense Forces explaining the reach of each type of rocket that Hamas is known to use. It’s a good visual for prayer.

I can’t really see or say where this is going. However, I do find the machinations of the Islamic State (formerly ISIS, ISIL) are significant. There has been a report that the ISIS flag was seen in Gaza.

Will the Islamic State try to aid Hamas? I think the Islamic State is too busy nation building right now. I hope to have more analysis on the new caliphate later this week.

For real time updates of the situation in Israel, I recommend the Times of Israel and the Jerusalem Post. Both publications are live blogging throughout the day.


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