Let us come worship the Word made flesh

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A very merry Christmas to all our readers — or happy Messiah’s Mass.

No, Yeshua wasn’t born in December. Yes, the December 25 day was originally a pagan holiday.

Still, let us make this day and every day holy by worshiping God, praising Him for becoming man to save man, for fulfilling the promise of Israel’s Messiah (and, yes, there are more promises yet to be fulfilled in the complete establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth) and for allowing all — not just Israel — to find redemption through work of the kinsman-redeemer, Yeshua — YHVH saves.

My apologies for the dormancy of the blog and the news feeds. My family is in a time of change. We’ve moved houses again, and most of you know how much work that is. We’re still unpacking even as we prepare to celebrate that the Word of God became flesh.

Thank you for reading. I hope that 2014 brings new growth in the content of this site as well as in readership.

Grace and shalom to you.

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