VIDEO: Why punish Syria now?

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I want to introduce you to Calev Myers.

Myers is the founder of Jerusalem Institute of Justice,  an Israeli group advocating for religious minorities and social justice within Israel as well as speaking on behalf of the nation of Israel on the international stage.

Myers is also a brother in Messiah, an elder in a Jerusalem congregation I attended my first time in Israel. His wife, Sheli, is an anointed worshiper and song writer (if you’ve been looking for Israeli, Hebrew worship music, this album tops my list.)

In the embedded interview with i24 News, Meyers is questioning why the United States wants to engage Syria now when before the chemical attack that killed 1,400 the United Nations had calculated that more than 100,000 had already died.

The conversation turns to the clash of cultures we are witnessing as Muslims move into Western nations. It gets really interesting when the interviewer reveals she is a Muslim and is a bit bothered by Myers statements. The two are quite civil. It is a great conversation.

Pray for Calev Myers and his family. They need all the backup they can get.

(Thanks to Terry S. and ICEJ for alerting me to this clip.)

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