Threats fly after deadly chemical attack in Syria

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The world is still buzzing from what appears to be a massive chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus on Wednesday. Syrian rebels report more than 1,300 dead, while Doctors Without Borders confirms at least 355 dead from “neurotoxic symptoms”, according to an AFP report.

The Syrian government denied responsibility then blamed the rebels. Some rebels released a video saying they would now also use chemical weapons. So the stage is set for what could become a mutual destruction scenario.

Isaiah 17:1-3 and Jeremiah 49:23-27 speak of Damascus being destroyed. As prophetic analyst Joel Rosenberg says:

These prophecies have not yet been fulfilled. Damascus is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on earth. It has been attacked, besieged, and conquered. But Damascus has never been completely destroyed and left uninhabited. Yet that is exactly what the Bible says will happen. The context of Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49 are a series of End Times prophecies dealing with God’s judgments on Israel’s neighbors and enemies leading up to — and through — the Tribulation.

As if the threat of the two sides destroying the city and nation isn’t enough, the West is still considering getting involved. Britain and the U.S. are talking about how to intervene while Syrian officials warn that any outside involvement will set the Middle East on fire. The U.S. has moved ships in the Mediterranean closer to Syria for what CBS reports could be a punitive cruise missile strike on military targets. In other words, it would be punishment for using chemical weapons, not an attempt to remove President Bashar Assad from power.

Israel can’t be counted out either as Prime Ministry Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday “We are poised and ready. We will always know how to defend ourselves,” as reported by Haaretz.

Also on Sunday, AFP reported that Iran threatened the U.S. with “harsh consequences” should it intervene in Syria.

The week will show if President Barak Obama decides to punish Syria. France and Britain have been gunning for intervention for months but have been waiting for the U.S. to take lead, it seems. Obama’s hesitancy may stem from knowing that such military action could set the region on fire.  The Associated Press reminds us that

Syria is intertwined in alliances with Iran, Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas and Palestinian militant groups. The country also borders its longtime foe and U.S. ally Israel, making the fallout from military action unpredictable.

I personally believe this warning by Syria and Iran to set the Middle East ablaze is a veiled threat to attack Israel. works a little like a newspaper. It categorizes the news into topics and is interactive. Click a topic on the right-hand column to “flip the page” and see another set of headlines. #Church includes headlines about persecution of the brothers. #Israel as all stories about “the apple of God’s eye.” #Matthew24 highlight end-time birth pangs detailed by Jesus.

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