Syria threatens to hit back after 2 Israeli airstrikes

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Syria continues to dominate the international news. The world got a lot more focused on it when Israeli aircraft twice bombed locations near Damascus. As reported by The Associated Press,

The Israeli government and military refused to comment. But a senior Israeli official said both airstrikes targeted shipments of Fateh-110 missiles bound for Hezbollah. The Iranian-made guided missiles can fly deep into Israel and deliver powerful half-ton bombs with pinpoint accuracy. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was discussing a covert military operation.

The question is how will the other Middle East nations react. Syria and Iran both threatened to retaliate, with Iran encouraging neighbors to stand up to Israel. I don’t see anyone really listening, though.

Billboard with portrait of Assad and the text ...
A portrait of Syria President Bashar al-Assad greets passers-by near Old City Damascus. The text reads “God protects Syria.” (Credit: Wikipedia)

Last week, Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan reiterated that Syria’s Bashar al-Assad is using chemical weapons. Jordan wants Assad out and has allowed the United States to train Syrian opposition forces in Jordan (at the same time worried about Islamic extremists among the Syrian fighters). Jordan also wants the war resolved because it’s taken the brunt of the refugees fleeing the fighting. As many as half a million Syrians are in camps in Jordan.

Lebanon is annoyed that Israeli fighter jets keep buzzing villages and reportedly even Beirut, but the real threat there is Hezbollah in the south. Hezbollah consistently threatens Israel, and Iran has threaten to wipe out Israel if it attacks Hezbollah. That is why Israel destroyed the munitions heading to the Iran-backed militants.

Writer and analyst Joel C. Rosenberg said Israel decided to strike Syria because

Israeli officials see Syria imploding, and Iran, Hezbollah and other terror forces moving into the vacuum. They see Syria having used chemical weapons twice. Yet neither President Obama nor other world powers are doing anything about it. Israel has decided it cannot wait any longer for Washington.

Here are a few more headlines not included below that show how Israel’s decision is affecting Israelis as well as the neighboring Arab nations. works a little like a newspaper. It categorizes the news into topics and is interactive. Click a topic on the right-hand column to “flip the page” and see another set of headlines. #Church includes headlines about persecution of the brothers. #Israel as all stories about “the apple of God’s eye.” #Matthew24 highlight end-time birth pangs detailed by Jesus.

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[Editor’s note: The headline of Israel’s second strike within Syria in as many days isn’t listed below because it occurred after the roundup had been generated. Click the screen capture to peruse the headlines from this week.]

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