Israel & the Nations & Jesus’ judgment (video)

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Last November, the United Nations voted 138-9 to declare Palestine a (nonmember observer) state with East Jerusalem as its capital (read official UN document). I laid out why it’s a big deal in a December 2012 post.

The LORD has allowed me to share this message with different groups. Below is the recording from the Justice House of Prayer — El Paso, complete with slides and maps. (Download the PDF handout.)

If you are a Bible-believer (Jew or gentile), you MUST come to terms with the truth that Israel is God’s land and he gave it to Abraham and his descendants through Isaac.

While the Land has been divided throughout history under various circumstances, we have a unique situation that begs our attention. The world has voted to divide Jerusalem, to give to Palestine the portion of Jerusalem that Israel reclaimed from Jordan in 1967.

God is clear. There are consequences for dividing the Land and for exploiting and persecuting the Jews (that goes for the Church, too, by the way; Joel 3:1-3, Matthew 25).


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