Ishmael: God’s heart for Israel’s neighbors (video)

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As my regular readers know, the message of Israel’s true identity in the eyes of God is seared on my heart. A Christian’s view of who Jesus is incomplete without understanding Israel. Without Israel and without knowing all the promises God has made to her since the first messianic promise in Genesis 3, how can we understand the titles King of Israel, Son of David, Son of Man, Messiah, Holy One of Israel, King of Kings, LORD and all the rest.

However, even as God has blessed me with more understanding about His beloved Israel, He has given me a heart for Israel’s neighbors and sometime enemies.

The LORD is making it clear to me that even as we learn to love Israel just as He loves her, He exhorts us not to forget Ishmael. Ishmael, even in Muslim tradition, is the father of the Arabs and ancestor of Mohammed.

What we too often overlook is that God four times says that Ishmael is blessed. His name means “God hears.” God still hears Ishmael crying in the wilderness and longs to reconcile with him and bring him back into the camp.

This teaching was shared at Justice House of Prayer in El Paso, Texas.

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  1. Thank you, Carino for an inspiring and excellent teaching giving all Glory and Honour to our Almighty God ! Blessings, Brian and Anne Nelson

  2. I forwarded your teaching to “GladNewsMinistry” to let them know, God is moving in others in reminding the believers that God loves the descendants of Ishmael.

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