VIDEO: Middle East rumblings set tone of 2013

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Chuck Missler of the Koinonia Institute recaps last week’s Middle East headlines on Egypt, Israel and Syria. The item that caught my ear is that the United States will deliver the first four of 20 F-16 fighter jets promised to Egypt on Jan. 22. That is the day after President Obama’s inauguration, the same day as Israeli elections.

The International Business Times reports:

The deal, originally signed two years ago before Hosni Mubarak’s downfall, is expected to close very soon, the English-language Israel Today reported. The first four of the 20 jets are due to be delivered on January 22, Lebanese outlet Ya Libnan reported. The transaction will cost U.S. taxpayers $213 million, as the jets are part of the annual $1 billion military aid package to Egypt, as agreed upon in the 1979 Camp David Accords with Israel.

Basically, the U.S. will give Egypt modern arms and armaments, as long as Egypt promises not to use said arms against Israel.

The timing of the delivery may just be a coincidence, but Missler doesn’t seem to think son and calls all believers in Jesus to gear up for the coming year with prayer.

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