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Israel, Syria under attack. Does world care?

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Gaza fires nearly 100 rockets into southern Israel in one day. When I was in the United Kingdom, the BBC nightly news didn’t even mention it. And the world stands by as Syria Bashar al-Assad continues to massacre his countrymen. works a little like a newspaper. It categorizes the news into topics and is interactive. Click a topic on the right-hand column to “flip the page” and see another set of headlines. #Church includes headlines about persecution of the brothers. #Israel has all stories about “the apple of God’s eye.”

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2 thoughts on “Israel, Syria under attack. Does world care?

  1. I am angry because the current administration lied about the murdering of our ambassador to Libya. They denied that it was a planned act of terrorism. By blaming a video, they in effect caused the uprisings that ensued after its exposure and promotion.
    This were stupid acts, reactions in fear.

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