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White House says Libya attack terrorism after all

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The week was filled with continued aftermath of the deadly 9-11 protests in North Africa. There are still Muslims — mostly in Asia — holding anti-American demonstrations and blaming them on the YouTube clip of “Innocence of Muslims.” (See last week’s Week in Review for how it all started.) However, the White House changed its story this week, now saying that the attack on the consulate in Libya that cost four American lives was terrorism rather than a protest turned riot.

Next week should be a big news week as the nations will each get an opportunity to address the United Nations General Assembly. President Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine is expected to request on a vote on upgrading Palestine to non-member, observer status. He says 133 out 193 nations support the move. Read Israel, the UN & your nation: Still time to pray for mercy for more on this topic.

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  1. How true it is that “Unrest may be the key to reaching Muslims for Christ”
    The Bible shows us that sometimes it is the only way we reach out to the
    only True Living God for truth, strength and relief. God knows the human spirit since He created it. Praise and all Glory to HIM.

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