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Thousands flee Syria as civil war scars Damascus

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Syria and Egypt dominated the Middle East news this week. The civil war continues in Syria. Egypt technically violates the peace treaty with Israel by sending tanks into the Sinai but gets a pass while it sees the first major protest against the Islamist-dominated government.

Iran continues to be on the nuclear watchdog radar, adding centrifuges and cleaning up a bit before monitors visit.

Many things are happening, but not one thing stands out. We’ll looks at the big picture of the incremental developments in the region early next week. works a little like a newspaper. It categorizes the news into topics and is interactive. Click a topic on the right-hand column to “flip the page” and see another set of headlines. #Church includes headlines about persecution of the brothers. #Israel has all stories about “the apple of God’s eye.”

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  1. That Israel is “the apple of God’s eye’ and your being there is double incentive to pray for Israel. But, let us not forget our Christian brethren in Nigeria.

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