Remembering Ishmael (video, mp3)

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In June I had the privilege of speaking at Siloam Baptist in Cardiff. I have dear friends in the congregation, and it’s always a joy to visit them.

The LORD had me share on Ishmael out of Genesis. For those of us who are called to defend Israel, we can struggle loving her enemies. And for those who are called to minister among the Arabs and Muslims, it can be hard to love Israel.

In God’s eyes, we’re all family and must be reconciled to one another. God has made promises to Ishmael, too.

For those who prefer, you can download just the audio (mp3). You can also download notes in PDF.

4 thoughts on “Remembering Ishmael (video, mp3)

  1. Thank you for this precise and very clear message from God’s Holy Scriptures. It has given me insight as to the tragic darkness and evil that is Replacement Theology. How it has entrenched itself in the heart of Biblical Christians and Churches who purport to love Messiah Jesus with all of their hearts, minds and bodies and yet through their erroneous belief in Replacement Theology, they are doing the Arab and Muslim peoples a gross and awful injustice !!

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