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Christian Egyptians, among others, demonstrated Friday

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UPDATE: “Thousands demonstrate in Egypt in first sizable protest against Morsi regime,” reports Haaretz. Thank you for your prayers. While there were clashes Friday, I haven’t seen reports of major assaults or deaths as a result of the protests.

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Egypt Map Flag24 AUG 2012 — I was reminded by an email that Egypt’s Christians are planning to protest the Muslim Brotherhood-led government Friday.

Please pray for the Christians in Egypt. Last time Christians gathered to protest, 27 people died. The Maspero Massacre in November 2011 was said to have discouraged the Coptic Egyptians.

Now the Christians have gathered the courage to gather again, this time to “call for Egypt to remain a civil state and demand the separation of Islamic influences from state institutions,” reports the Times of Israel.

Following is a prayer alert from an intercessor in Egypt:

In all honesty I’ve, been trying to send a prayer update for a month now without success because things are happening so fast, and there is much confusion in “reading” the happenings. I still can’t seem to find a credible news resource that is telling the truth, so much so that I resorted to Jewish sites during last month’s soldier shootings [at the border with Israel].

The one thing highlighted to me personally for this season is the revelation of the Father’s love in this nation and region. I still don’t fully understand how this will shift things on a political level, but this is as far as I understand from our Father 🙂

We realized this a while ago for the Isaiah 19 Highway, but it’s coming back to me these days as well. Maybe it’s time for the Church to be empowered to stand in her identity as sons and daughters of our loving Daddy 🙂

From the above, one prayer request is the lifting off of the veil of confusion and clarity to see and hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. Pray against all confusion and lies so we may know how to effectively pray and ask for prayer. 🙂

[Friday] there will be organized marches and protests demanding anywhere between wanting to see a tangible change and the stepping down of the new president. I don’t know how “escalated” things might get, but I pray there will be NO bloodshed or casualties from either side.

There are lots of changing offices now in the country. Please be praying for divine positioning of people in high posts.

Alliance with the Palestinian cause and vows to send in money and supplies scare me the most. The terrorists accused in the border killings haven’t been handed in yet, which to me raises a huge red flag.

Thanks for standing with us in prayer.

As for the prayer for the revelation of the Father’s love in Egypt… that should be the intercessor’s cry for the Muslim. The heart wound among the Muslim people is Abraham’s expulsion of Ishmael. Mohammed is said to be a descendant of Ishmael. The heart wound of being rejected by father Abraham has lead to a religion that refuses to see God as Father when all He wants to do is take them all in His arms.

I heard an Indonesia pastor say that God told him when he hears the adhan — the Muslim call to prayer — he hears Ishmael crying in the wilderness (see Genesis 16 and 21). Ishmael means “God hears.”

For more on Ishmael, check out the post Remembering Ishmael.

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  1. Thank you, Carino. We totally endorse the prayer that God’s Father Heart will be revealed to the hearts of the Muslim people in Egypt. Further, that God will be the Shield and Protector of all who call upon His Name and that He will draw many to Himself in salvation.

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