Elav: Our identity in Messiah & our priesthood

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Last weekend was the annual Elav youth conference in Tel Aviv. Thank you to those who prayed for the conference and for me. It’s been a week of recovery for me. Please forgive me for just now posting an update. I am still working on photos. I’ll share those later this week.

The LORD moved mightily among the young people in attendance. These young Israeli and Palestinian believers were open to the Spirit in a new way, at least from my experience at the two previous conferences.

If you did not watch live, I encourage you to watch the worship and teaching sessions archived on UStream. This year we had more Arabic worship leaders, which was wonderful. I am quite moved by Arabic-style worship, and I know the Arabic speaking youth engage more readily in their mother tongue (don’t we all).

Team Xtreme, a bunch of Christ-following muscle men, was back this year. I’ll write later about their message to the youth. The team’s Palestinian member who surprised us two years ago was back, and his message was fiery and on point.

I recommend Adam Rosenfeld’s teaching on identity (starts at minute 36 on the first video embeed). While the message was framed for Israelis, Adam spoke on truths that apply to all believers.

Also edifying for all believers worldwide is the last teaching of the conference by Itzhak Mor-Chaim (it begins around 2:23:00 on the first video and continues on the second). It is a wonderful message on our priesthood and the high priesthood of Yeshua (Jesus). I have found that there is a special anointing on Israeli Jewish Bible teachers because they have a connection to the Word that we gentiles do not. As Paul reminds us, “the Jews have been entrusted with the very words of God” (Romans 3:2 NIV).

Shavua tov (that is, have a good week).

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