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2 terror attacks shock Israelis, Americans

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After a month hiatus, the weekly news roundup is back (It’s hard to keep up with news when traveling).

There was another shift in the Israeli government, and two terror attacks broke the hearts of Israelis and Americans.

Thursday night in a Denver suburb, a man in full SWAT gear — who later identified himself as the Joker to police — began shooting into a crowded movie theater as “The Dark Knight Rises” showed on the screen. (A bug prevented the headline from appearing in the roundup below.) Twelve are dead, many more scarred in body and mind.

A few days before that, a suicide bomber in Bulgaria boarded a bus full of Israeli tourists who had just arrived for a beach vacation. Seven dead (including the bomber) and dozens maimed and injured (see lead headline below).

Not in the roundup is the continued assault on the Nigerian church, and that’s just a sample of the astounding, ongoing persecution of believers worldwide.

Remember the parable of the wheat and the tares (or weeds — Mat. 13:24-30). As the good matures, so does the bad. They will be harvested together. Until then, we must persevere.

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