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Prayer alert: Egyptian elections amid ‘martial law’

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Egypt holds its runoff election for president Saturday and Sunday. To complicate matters, judges dissolved the Islamist-controlled parliament after ruling election rules which gave the Muslim Brotherhood control of the legislature were unconstitutional. The day before that, the government expanded military police powers, which a human rights lawyer said was “tantamount to declaring martial law.”

Following is a prayer letter from a believer in Egypt (also read the last prayer alert out of Egypt).

Hi all.

Hope this finds you well.

Egypt Map FlagAs it stands now, run-off due June 16 and 17 will take place between Mohammed Morsi (Muslim Brotherhood candidate) and Ahmed Shafiq (former prime minister under ousted dictator Hosni Mubarak). It is a tough choice. Morsi winning means totalitarian Muslim Brother regime (as they have parliamentary majority now), Shafiq winning means there will at least be some form of opposition expressing a different current than Parliament but he’s waving an iron fist … which is bringing back all the memories of the old regime. People believe the past 16 months will be in vain if he’s in office.

Moderates, though (both Christian and Muslim), don’t like either and hate being forced to choose between them. However, the majority of Christians will go for Shafiq whereas many Muslims will vote for Morsi. Many others plan to either abstain or make void their votes. The latter group believes both choices are bad … this wasn’t what the revolution broke out to bring about … it’s another face for oppression… etc. Older people from both backgrounds are pro-Shafiq in hopes of long lost stability and security whereas some are pro-Mursi in hopes of change and in that they believe the Muslim Brotherhood deserves a chance.

Prayer requests

  • Please pray for discernment discernment discernment for believers to know how to pray and to have open eyes for what the LORD wants to do amidst all this; for religious leaders to have a word in season when asked for advice.
  • Please pray for His kingdom to come. His will to be done; for Him to have His way among my people (who are His people); for dreams/visions and the revelation of Jesus the Light of the world.
  • Please pray for His perfect love to cast out fear; for boldness and courage for the church.
  • Please pray for understanding of times and seasons; if this is a “window of opportunity” to prepare and get ready that we’d walk it out as the Lord wants us to.
  • Please pray for “repositioning”, for those who need to leave the country to actually leave and for those who should be here to actually be here. God’s been highlighting Gideon to me.

I personally believe that fire and hardships purify Jesus’ bride and that we’re going to experience His glory like never before when calamity hits, whenever this is going to be. (Just FYI, most of us grow up knowing we are to face hard times at some point, so the realization is there. Nonetheless, we were rarely instructed how to live when hard times do eventually come! I think it’s time to be instructed by the LORD on what to do on daily basis.)

Thanks and Mega Blessings.

Pray the LORD’s will be done, as our Egyptian friend said. The world is watching to see if Egypt chooses a secular or Islamic leader. I believe that how Egypt goes, the Middle East will go. While the Arab Spring began in Tunisia, the movement really began shaking the region and the world when the Egyptians threw out Hosni Mubarak. So Egypt’s leadership choice may set the tone for the other nations who have had revolution, are in the midst of it or are contemplating it.