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Disappointing verdict in Ami Ortiz bombing case

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Among the stories to which I want to give voice this week is the quasi-conviction of Jewish terrorist Yaakov “Jack” Teitel. Teital was found guilty but not responsible for his crimes. Teital was alleged to have murdered two Arabs and set at least two bombs, including the attack on the home of a Messianic pastor in Ariel. (Read a reporter’s thoughts on meeting Teitel at court.) The Ortiz family (whose son Ami was maimed in the blast) is disappointed. Pray that God continue to strengthen them. (You can read archived stories of the Teital case at Artuz7, though I’m disappointed to see many of those stories do not even mention the Ortiz bombing. The archives of Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post were more disappointing still.)

I’m still working out the kinks in the news roundup generated by which creates a weekly “newspaper” from my Twitter feed. boasts a video section, but none of the videos I shared made it into the issue. So two are be embedded at the end.

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[ED. NOTE: Once issues are archived, previous issues cannot be embedded. So click on the screen capture to read the news from this week.]

U.N. Me

I ran across a story in the Jerusalem Post about a documentary film that was released June 1.

“A pro-Israel activist is hoping that his documentary on the United Nations brings focus to what he says is the world body’s global ineffectiveness,” the JPost reports.

The trailer says it all. What impresses me is that the filmmaker, Ami Horowitz, shows remarkable constraint because, according to the JPost, “the film never mentions what many consider one of the most egregious examples of the UN’s moral blindspot: a relentless focus on Israel.” You can read more at

Weekly smack of satire

The other video is from my favorite satirists, Latma (Hebrew from slap or punch). The group Latma is headed up by Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick (whose articles appear in my roundups regularly).

This week Latma tackles social protests, the U.S.’ lame response to the bloodshed in Syria and what appears to be a response to the Peace Now organization chief who was offended by last week’s Latma song.

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