North Korea in transition; Egypt revolution starting over?

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Globe webcam provided by 123RF Stock PhotosGod says in Hosea 4:6 that his people die because they lack knowledge. Knowing world events clues us in to where we are on the Biblical, prophetic time line. News should prompt us to pray for two things: that the eyes of the lost and deceived are opened to God’s love as expressed through the life and death and life of Yeshua and that God’s Kingdom come on earth.

Why so much Israel news? God always meant Israel to be an example to the nations, an example of His righteousness, His justice, His mercy, His love. She is also a signpost. Consider this. Zion, God’s other name of Jerusalem, means “signpost.” Messiah draws nigh. The events in Zion speak to that.

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Please forgive me for not posting news in weeks. I’ve let some things distract me. Now, I’m in Texas for the holidays. BUT, there was so much news today that I couldn’t ignore it.

Pray for North Korea. Dictator Kim Jong Ill has died. It is thought power will pass to his son Kim Jong Un who will be guided by uncle Jang Song Thaek. (Read more analysis from STRATFOR.) There are many who are praying this is the awaited gap that will open the door to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The United Nations has still not voted on Palestine. Meanwhile, Israel released 550 Palestinian prisoners Sunday, the fulfillment of the deal that freed Gilad Schalit.

It’s been a year since a frustrated Tunisian fruit vendor started the ‘Arab Spring’ by setting himself on fire. Tunisia, Libya, Egypt… Syria is in very bloody process, it seems. And Egypt maybe starting over: some have lost patience with the army, and the army is violently losing its grace with protestors.

Pray for the Filipinos as another storm has ravaged the island nation. Hundreds are dead and missing.

These are just the highlights from this week. Iran, of course, is on many people’s mind.

I will be traveling next week and then there is Christmas with the family. Sometime after that (maybe the first week of the new year) I hope to look at some of the prophetic words that were released last year and how the news matches up.

I leave you with a satirical news update from a couple of weeks ago, courtesy of Latma. (You can see the latest update on YouTube.)

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