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Here is the latest prophetic update from Rick Ridings of Succat Hallel, the house of prayer where I serve in Jerusalem. Riding’s article is a summary of teaching he gave a few weeks ago. Download the mp3 of that talk by right clicking then selecting ‘Save as.’ This article also appears on the Reformation Prayer Network website and is posted with permission from Succat Hallel.

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Prince of Persia, Prince of Greece or Prince of Peace?

By Rick Ridings

Succat Hallel

For about a year, I’ve felt the end of 2011 – from Rosh Hashanah through December – would be a time of alignment and great transition. Even now, Europe is trying to calm the tremors and fears of a monetary collapse.

In a previous article (A ‘watershed’ decision for all nations) I shared a vision that I received in August, and mentioned that I felt the Lord showed me that the nations would be forced to align for or against God’s Word on the issue of a non-negotiated, pro-Islamic Palestinian state by 11/11/11. On this very day, November 11, the United Nations Security Council announced that there were not enough votes for the Palestinian resolution to pass (Sawafta). While the Security Council did not vote on the application when it met on 11/11/11, the 193 UN members showed their stances in the earlier UNESCO vote. (UN Watch).

The testing and shaking of the nations is about to get stronger. God doesn’t want us to fear but to know He is in control. No shaking is pleasant but is good because we realize what is important and unshakable (Heb 12:11, 26-27).

God is shaking the two pillars of Satan’s end time strategy: Islam and humanism.

In Daniel 10, an angel tells the prophet that the Prince of Persia delayed him and that the Prince of Greece will come next.

The nations of Iran (called Persia internationally until 1979, Wikipedia) and Greece have dominated the headlines recently. Much of the world is worrying about Iran’s nuclear capabilities and Greece’s debt that could crash the world economy.

Prince of Islam

The LORD gave me a vision concerning Iran’s threats, published in a previous article, “Satan’s war of intimidation in the Middle East.”

I also see a broader perspective, that the princes of Persia and Greece represent the spirits behind Islam and humanism, respectively. The threat of Islam has been more obvious to many since 9-11 but the idolatry of humanism is more subtle and seductive.

My wife Patti had a dream on Rosh Hashana 2009 about these two threats. As she tells it:

I went up to heaven and saw a wall, like Jerusalem stone, large, but pastel in color, which made it seem very fragile. I knew it was the wall of Islam, the demonic spirit that keeps people under its influence from knowing the LORD. I saw angels around the wall, and suddenly, the wall came down. The multitude in heaven was exuberant, worshiping and thanking the LORD. I heard my voice exclaiming: “Stongholds DO come down – THEY REALLY DO COME DOWN!”

We were all gazing at the LORD when suddenly a huge, muscular, dazzling, diamond-studded, blue horse with wings flew right in front of our eyes. The eyes of the multitude turned toward this horse, and, even though we were in the heavens, I knew in my spirit that it was wrong.

I had mixed feelings when I woke up. I was so happy that wall of Islam’s control is very fragile and coming down so that multitudes of Muslims will turn toward the LORD but disturbed in my spirit that all eyes were so easily distracted away from Him, toward this horse.

I looked up horses in the Bible and found that so often horses represented strength, wealth and beauty. I asked the LORD, “How can we keep from being deceived and distracted in the last days?” I felt that He said, “In My House of Prayer, you will keep your eyes on Me.”

Nobody is strong enough to withstand the power of humanism that will come against the church in the Last Days unless our eyes are fixed on the Lord Himself.

Prince of Greece

Humanism isthe worship of man and all that is temporary – beauty, fame, athletic ability, intelligence and MONEY.

In 1999 the LORD took us on a prayer journey to Tyre in Lebanon.

Tyre was at one time the financial capital of the ancient world (similar to New York City in our day). Ezekiel 27 details the valuable commodities that were traded there.

The Tyrians worshiped Ba’al Melqart, the deity that Jezebel took into Israel. He was later called the Tyrian Heracles. The temple to Melqart had two grand pillars, one of solid gold and one encrusted with emeralds (Wikipedia). It is these pillars that the Lord says will fall in Ezekiel 26:11. This is the verse we proclaimed in Tyre in 1999.

The western most temple to Tyrian Heracles was in Cadiz, Spain (“Melqart”, Wikipedia). One of the commonly held theories about the origin of the dollar sign is that it derives from the coat of arms of Spain, the Pillars of Hercules, which appeared on the Spanish dollar. Thus the two vertical lines on the dollar sign ultimately represent the Pillars of Hercules. (“Dollar sign,”Wikipedia).

As we finished praying in Tyre, a merchant offered us artifacts from the underwater ruins of Tyre. We declined, but as we went to go, he said he felt he needed to give me a coin. The LORD said, “Take it.” I later scraped off the blue-green corrosion on the coin, and uncovered an image of the two pillars of Tyre.

I was then led to buy a clay jar in Jerusalem and put the coin in it. After that, we traveled to New York for a conference. I felt the LORD said to take the jar to “The Charging Bull” sculpture near Wall Street, throw the jar down in front of the bull and proclaim:

“Just as this potter’s jar is smashed, so I will smash the demonic system of Tyre and all that is a part of it, so that its finances may be transferred into the Kingdom of God, so that all my people who have been under its influence and oppression may be freed to worship Me, and so that My Jewish people, who have been tied to it, may be loosed and return to the Land of Israel to worship Me.”

Prince of Peace

After this proclamation, Deborah Kellogg of Preparing the Way Ministries took a willing Messianic Jewish woman in our group and tied her wrist to the left horn of the bull, representing the American Jews who are so tied to materialism that they can’t hear God calling them home to Israel. We then cut the cord and praised the LORD for this freedom!

The next morning I noticed the headlines of the New York Daily News: “Bull’s Eye: Police shoot and kill raging bull in Queens.” A bull had escaped from an illegal rodeo and was running down the streets of New York City. Police shot the bull 40 times before it died, and the photo showed the carcass being hauled away by a rope tied to its left horn!

A woman who had prayed with us at the sculpture emailed recently, writing that the LORD told her that what we prayed in 1999 had been stored in “repository” (like a safety deposit box) for now.

Isaiah 23, another prophecy against Tyre declares: “Tyre will return to her lucrative prostitution and will ply her trade with all the kingdoms on the face of the earth. Yet her profit and her earnings will be set apart for the LORD; they will not be stored up or hoarded. Her profits will go to those who live before the LORD, for abundant food and fine clothes.” This speaks of a transfer of wealth from the world system into the Kingdom of God.

As the LORD shakes Islam and humanism, He will produce a new season of aliyah from the West. He will cut loose the Jewish people from the bondage of materialism and fear of financial failure. (Isaiah 11, 60).

Let us pray for new waves of aliyah. Let us call home the Jews from New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Shanghai and Bangkok. Yeshua the Messiah is saying, “Let My people go that they may worship Me on my holy mountain.”

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