I left Israel this morning. It was bittersweet, but more so than usual. I left to spend time with my friends in Wales, knowing I’d miss the last day of the Feast of Sukkot.

Well, I didn’t realize I’d miss the procession of the nations: when Christians from around the world walk through Jerusalem prophetically enacting Zechariah 14.

And I had no idea that I would miss the freeing and homecoming of Gilad Schalit.

Gilad, an Israeli solider, was 19 when he was on a routine patrol more than five years ago when he was kidnapped by Hamas, the terrorist group that rules the Gaza Strip.

I must admit, I was unsure he was alive. It been more than a year since Hamas had given proof of life. They never let the Red Cross visit Schalit.

And now, his life has been ransomed. 1,027 Palestinian convicts are being freed for one kidnapped Israeli soldier.

I have a seven hour layover in Amsterdam. So I jumped on wi-fi and used my 30 free minutes to catch myself up.

The relief and joy I felt when I saw video footage of Schalit from Egypt and when it was reported he was in Israel, being examined by doctors.

The disappointment and anger at reading that celebrants in the West Bank were chanting that ‘more Schalits’ were needed, implying support for hostage taking.

I have no story links for you as I’m tapping this out on my phone. But you can read of these details and more at JPost.com and Haaretz.comHaaretz.com.

Continue to pray for Gilad and his family. Much needs to be healed.

Pray for the terror survivors who are reliving their excruciating pain as they see those who murdered go free.

Pray for the released prisoners, that they would not return to the crime that incarcerated them.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, of Israel. May Messiah come soon.

One thought on “Watching Gilad from Amsterdam

  1. And still you have time to keep us informed. Thank you so much. I really, really felt for you as you left Jerusalem last night – I knew how much you would be missing. Abba bless you for your faithfulness in keeping us updated. May He bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you.

    Praying for Gilad and his family and yes, the disappointment and anger at reading/hearing about how they are celebrating in the West Bank – it made me sick to my stomach.

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