Pray for the persecuted Arab believers; God has no Plan B

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Rick Ridings of Succat Hallel has issued his monthly prayer alert from Jerusalem. This month’s missive is a recap of the prophetic prayer direction he gave early last week. I encourage you to download the mp3 or read my summary.

In addition to the urgency to intercede for the nations in this time, Ridings in the video mentions three other points I want to highlight.

  • Intercessor, the intercessors in Jerusalem are praying for you. Rick had a vision of a lone watchtower in a field and inside was a lone watchman. The watchman was looking out and could see something in the distance, but then distractions came to take his eyes off the coming enemy. Ridings prays that you would be focused in this season to hear the Word of the LORD and pray according to His will.
  • Pray for the Believers in Gaza and the West Bank. Persecution expected to rise. Bethlehem was at one pint 85 percent Christian. Now that the Palestinian Authority controls the city, the Christian population is about 20 percent. When Hamas took over Gaza, attacks against Christians rose. One particularly gruesome attack was the kidnapping, torture and murder of Rami Ayyad.
  • God has no Plan B. In the prophetic prayer direction, Ridings gave a list of Scripture passages to pray into as we intercede for the nations. (Click here then scroll to bottom of post.) One of them is Psalm 33:10-12.

    The LORD nullifies the counsel of the nations;

    He frustrates the plans of the peoples.

    The counsel of the LORD stands forever,

    The plans of His heart from generation to generation.

    Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD,

    The people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance.