Israel, Palestine, nations gird up for U.N. faceoff

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Globe webcam provided by 123RF Stock PhotosGod says in Hosea 4:6 that his people die because they lack knowledge. Knowing world events clues us in to where we are on the Biblical, prophetic time line. News should prompt us to pray for two things: that the eyes of the lost and deceived are opened to God’s love as expressed through the life and death and life of Yeshua and that God’s Kingdom come on earth.

Why so much Israel news? God always meant Israel to be an example to the nations, an example of His righteousness, His justice, His mercy, His love. She is also a signpost. Consider this. Zion, God’s other name of Jerusalem, means “signpost.” Messiah draws nigh. The events in Zion speak to that.

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And here I thought I hadn’t been faithful in reading the news this week. Ha! This week’s round up is long, again. For those who enjoy satirical news, like The Onion or the Daily Show, there’s a prize at the end: this week’s Tribal Update from Latma, Israel’s satirical news source.

Because of the United Nations vote on Palestinian statehood, there is a LOAD of Israel-Palestine headlines. But there are other items that require prayer: Japan, Texas drought, Mexico lawlessness, just to name three.

I realize there are so many other things happening that I’ve missed: Sudan, for instance. The lawlessness in the world is increasing. It is one of the signs of the last days (Matthew 24).

Monday, September 12

Tuesday, September 13

  • ‘The worst day in a Beduin’s life’
    Negev community says government decision to resettle villages is “discriminatory, shows we are second-class citizens.”

    RC: Israel, do unto Bedouin as you would have done unto you. Honor their deeds, and your right to Land will be honored.
  • In Northern Japan, Residents Face A New Reality
    Six months after the accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant, the Japanese government has declared eight areas near the reactors as potential no-go zones for the next two decades. Many residents remain homeless. Beyond the hot zone, many people have decided to stay, but are worried.

    RC: The Japanese still need our prayers.
  • Japanese seniors volunteer to take brunt of radiation in nuclear cleanup
    Since Japan’s nuclear accident in March, about 500 Japanese seniors have signed up to work at the dangerous plant. They say it’s better that they risk their lives than the younger workers at a job that has been called courageous — and suicidal.

Wednesday, September 14

  • Killer words: Muslims text death threats to Christians
    Muslim extremists are using a relatively new tool in their attempt to intimidate and bully Christians, with death threats sent by text-messaging to Christian church leaders, a new report confirms.
  • Cuban evangelicals hole up in church, police watch
    An evangelical pastor and 60 worshippers holed up in a Havana church for more than three weeks under the watchful eye of police said Tuesday they are conducting a religious retreat and denied reports they are doomsday watchers or dissident agitators.

    RC: Is this a house of prayer in Havana, Cuba? “God told us to pray morning, noon and night.”
  • UN panel disagrees with UN panel on legality of Israeli blockade with Gaza
    Report to UN Human Rights Council by five independent UN rights experts contradicts findings of Palmer Report that Israel used ‘unreasonable force’ in 2010 raid on Gaza flotilla, but that naval-blockade of Gaza legal.
  • UN diplomats say countries intimidated into supporting Palestinian bid
    Member states fear Arab and Muslim blocs will not support them in important council and committee bids if they fail to vote for Palestinian independence.
  • How the World has been shaken since 9-11 and four reasons why
    Thousands of years ago, through the Hebrew Prophet Haggai, God told us what He was going to do — that He was going to shake us. “For thus says the Lord of hosts, ‘Once more in a little while, I am going to shake the heavens and the earth, the sea also and the dry land. I will shake all the nations…. I am going to shake the heavens and the earth. I will overthrow the thrones of kingdoms and destroy the power of the kingdoms of the nations.’” (Haggai 2:6-7, 21-22) That’s what Bible prophecy is – an intercept from the mind of the all-knowing, all-seeing God of the universe….a weather report from the future….a storm warning from the future — not so that we will be afraid, but so that we will be awake and ready and faithful and walking close to Jesus when the storms come.

Thursday, September 15

Friday, September 16

  • Hamas opposes ‘tactical’ Palestinian statehood bid at UN
    Senior leader of the Islamist movement says his group rejects Abbas’ UN bid since it would create a state only in West Bank and Gaza and not in all of historic Palestine.
  • French branch of Jewish terror group coming to Israel ‘to defend settlements’
    Jewish Defense League spokesperson says plan is to be on hand in case settlements need ‘our help with defense if the Arabs attack at this precarious time.’
  • Egypt-Israel incident proved something of a reality check for Obama, Netanyahu
    The frosty relationship now has a friendlier tone.
  • Cairo’s Embassy Riots: Anti-Israeli Sentiment In Egypt Has Nothing To Do With Palestine
    To assume that the Egyptian protesters who attacked the Israeli Embassy in Cairo last Friday, tearing down a protective wall and ransacking the premises, were motivated by cosmopolitan, pro-Palestinian concerns is to completely ignore the sad truth that Egyptians overwhelmingly hate Israel for wholly Egyptian reasons: Despite 32 years of peace under the Camp David Accords, Egyptian national pride remains tied to the country’s previous wars with the Jewish state. It’s therefore all too predictable that the groundswell in Egyptian nationalism that ousted Hosni Mubarak this spring has been accompanied by an equally powerful surge in anti-Israeli sentiment.
  • Hand-drawn St. John’s Bible completed, on display
    It was a task of biblical proportions — drawing every letter and illustration in a Bible painstakingly by hand. Now, 13 years after its inception, the brightly colored and massive St. John’s Bible is complete, and pages from the finished work are about to go on display.

    RC: A reminder of the preciousness of the Word of God… and the printing press.
  • Saudi Arabia’s exploitation of Palestinian UN bid
    The Saudis effectively ended their strategic alliance with the US in the aftermath of the US-supported overthrow of Hosni Mubarak. Since then the Saudis have strengthened their ties to China and Russia and from what I understand have refused to sign any new oil contracts with the Americans. Now in an oped in the New York Times, the Saudis are hitching a ride on the Palestinian UN bid to justify their previous abandonment of America.

Saturday, September 17

  • U.S. discouraged by developing nations’ apathy to human rights
    The Obama administration has courted the world’s emerging powers. But now that India, South Africa and Brazil have rotating seats on the U.N. Security Council, U.S. officials and human rights activists complain they’re not living up to expectations.
  • SATIRE: The Tribal Update interviews Egypt’s Gen. Tantawi
    A look at Israel’s week through satirical eyes of Latma.

    RC: They made me cry this week with their 1967 skit.
  • Pat Robertson’s marriage remarks reveal national culture of death
    ‘Pat Robertson’s view of how Christ loves the church and gives himself for her. Leave her for another.’ -John Piper
  • The mounting problem of Temple denial
    Temple Denial is the belief that no Jewish Temple ever existed in Jerusalem. This claim, despite being counter to Islamic tradition, became internalized within Palestinian academic, religious, and political circles following the 1967 Six-Day War.
  • Optimists Were Wrong About the Arab Spring
    Arab Spring started out hopeful but has devolved back to hating the Jew, Israel. Why?
  • The Jihadist & the Nazi: How Anti-Semitism Prevents Peace
    Despite the obsessive preoccupation with Israeli building activities in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the greatest obstacle to peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians is almost never mentioned in media accounts: virulent, jihadist hatred of the Jews.

    RC: Highly suggested to glimpse spiritual roots of modern anti-semetism.
  • IDF Calling Up Reserves Ahead of PA Statehood Bid
    The IDF Central Command raised its alert level amid reserve call ups as the PA statehood bid at the United Nations nears.

    RC: Pray for the the Israeli soldiers, for wisdom and restraint
  • ‘Existence of a separate Palestinian identity serves only tactical purposes’
    Opinion essay uses Arab and Palestinian sources to question the Palestinian identity. For example, former head of the PLO’s Military Department and Executive Council member Zuheir Muhsin declared: “There are no differences between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. We are all part of one nation.”
  • Egyptian PM: Peace deal with Israel not sacred
    Politics professor Mustapha al-Sayyid said Sharaf’s comments appeared to be aimed more at boosting Egyptian security on the border with Israel, which under the 1979 treaty is subject to limitations, rather than abrogating it altogether.
  • U.S. Takes Lonely Path In Opposing All Forms Of Palestinian Recognition
    It comes as no surprise that the U.S., a longtime ally of Israel, has pledged to oppose the Palestinian statehood bid. If the Palestinians seek formal recognition of their state in the U.N. Security Council, the U.S. has promised to veto the measure. If they instead ask for informal “observer” status in the U.N. General Assembly, the U.S. is enlisting allies to vote against it — even though by all accounts Palestinians have the votes to win. But in its vehemence to fight every form of recognition for the Palestinians, analysts say the U.S. has also highlighted its unique position within the international community on the subject of Israel — and possibly its marginalization.

    RC: A ‘cowboy’ would have no problem with isolation. Obama, on the other hand, not so sure.
  • California city demands Christians get permit for Bible study
    A couple already has been fined $300 for holding Bible studies for their friends at their home and Chuck and Stephanie Fromm are facing the potential for additional fines of $500 for each study held.
  • Dissident Watch: Maikel Nabil Sanad :: Middle East Quarterly
    Maikel Nabil Sanad, a 25-year old pacifist currently on a hunger strike in an Egyptian prison, is one of the Arab world’s most pioneering human rights activists. A veterinarian by profession, in April 2009, Sanad founded the “No to Compulsory Service Campaign,” which aims to end the compulsory three-year military service term for Egyptian males and reportedly has upward of 3,000 members. Last year, he became the first known conscientious objector in Egyptian history when he refused to report for duty. While distaste for the draft is not uncommon among middle-class Egyptians, the reasons for Sanad’s conscientious objection are virtually unheard of in the Arab world. “I don’t want to point a weapon at a young Israeli, recruited into obligatory service, defending his state’s right to exist,” he explained in October 2010.

    RC: Pray the blessings of Gen. 12:2-3, Is. 19:18-25 on this Egyptian who won’t join Army because he won’t fight an Israeli.

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SATIRE: Tribal Update interviews Egypt’s Gen. Tantawi during sacking of Israeli Embassy

3 thoughts on “Israel, Palestine, nations gird up for U.N. faceoff

  1. Much to look at and take in and pray about.

    Liked this story: ‘Picture a Day: A Yemenite Surprise in Siloam/Shiloah Village of Jerusalem’.

    The Mexico story is really disturbing.

    And, of course praying with regards Israel and Palestine.

    Thank you for keeping us updated.

  2. What a totally pathetic week, judging from this summary of news stories. They break my heart. No I mean, they literally break my heart. The lies that consume the hearts of men…like dens of ants in their hearts…drilling holes deeper and deeper. The one about the denial that the Temple ever existed… or that it was a “prayer room” Bastards. Forgive me. I know…getting in the flesh. What hurts most is that Israel doesn’t get it– how desperately they need the Messiah right now. How desperately they need to get on hands and feet and cry out to the Lord. So does America….clueless. We perish for lack of knowledge.

  3. Peace, Ceci. It is a hard time. And the lies are angering. But we know things must take place. They will know Messiah… They will. Jew and Arab and Gentile. The blessings for Egpyt, Assyria and even the Philistines in Isaiah are a bit atounding. Our God is more patient, moreforgiving than us. And I’m grateful for that.

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