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It’s after 1 a.m. here in Cardiff. I fly to Tel Aviv via Amsterdam Tuesday afternoon. I should sleep. But I really wanted to follow up on The Response prayer meeting in Houston.

I want you — particularly the intercessors — to be encouraged. God hears our prayers. He may not move when we think it’s time, but He does move when He knows it’s time. See in Revelation 5:8 that all the prayers of the believers are held in bowls as incense in the throne room. They will all be answered in time.

Reports have attendance at 30,000 at Reliant Stadium. Only about 8,000 registered, so turnout exceeded expectations.

You can read a great play-by-play of the event at the Believe It or Not blog of the Houston Chronicle. Read it from the bottom up if you want it in chronological order.

Two friends of mine attended the Houston event: Cindy from the outskirts of Houston and Laurie, a fellow intercessor from El Paso.

Cindy (who also provided the first two photos) reports:

I will tell you a couple of things that the media completely lied about, and some were surprised about:

The media had been saying that since they believe [Texas Gov. Rick] Perry will run for president, he would announce his candidacy [Saturday]. That did not happen. One person even asked me about it on [Facebook].

Also, the media really played up the idea that this would be a hateful, exclusive, all white gathering. Nothing could have been further from the truth. There were people of every color there. We met our Mexican/Salvadoran friends just inside the gate. They came from Dallas for the event. There was an (Asian) Indian family sitting to our right. There were blacks, Indonesians, Asians probably of Chinese origin. There were Baptists, Pentecostals, Catholics…and I even saw a Jewish man. It was amazing to see people from so many different churches and doctrines, gathered together in one place, to confess sins to God and pray for our nation.

People came from all over the state, and at least one from Kansas … Governor Sam Brownback. We saw church buses from Jefferson in East Texas and Mission in south Texas.

To look around at the fullness of the congregation in the stadium, just gave me cold chills. There were over 30,000 willing to risk the ridicule, stand up and say we believe in Jesus Christ, and we look to Him for our help.

Support for Israel was unanimous. We prayed for the country of Israel and asked for God’s protection. A man was blowing a shofar just outside the gates, calling people in for prayer.

We prayed for an end to abortion. We agreed as a group that God had pulled back his hedge of protection on a country that had somehow allowed the shedding of innocent blood for any reason.

There were a few protesters, but nothing like what was portrayed on TV. I expected to see huge groups harassing believers as they entered the stadium. I am not sure why they even thought the protests would change the minds of Christians committed enough to show up for this event.

There were no politics. There was no hate speech. Just people gathering to ask God’s mercy on our country. It was wonderful.

Laurie, from the Justice House of Prayer – El Paso, had this analysis:

I did go to Houston, and I have to tell you the body of Christ came out of the closet. I was really concerned that people would not come. There had been strong opposition to it even among Christians. Joel Rosenberg had been encouraged not to attend, but he did, as did many others.

I had expected spiritual resistance as it started but instead the presence of the Lord was so strong and everything flowed beautifully. We were there for hours and it seems like it had only been a short time.

Photo by Gage SkidmoreWhen Governor Perry spoke I knew I was witnessing something of historical significance. My heart was so touched because it was the bravest thing I had ever seen anyone do. Our prayers must be with this one and the other governors as they will pay a great price to stand for Christ in our nation in this evil day. The governor of Kansas spoke and the governor of Florida sent a video message. The governor of Alaska asked for the people of his state to pray that day with us as well. I believe many cried out around the nation and I know God heard.

Billy Humphreys, who runs the Atlanta house of prayer, gave a stirring prayer at the end for revival. It will come.


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  1. There were also 400 people backstage the entire time (and I understand, several hours before), praying for the event. They prayed the event would go off without a hitch. They prayed for God to touch hearts. They prayed for protection for the believers and for the facility. There was one man who nearly the whole time, walked around the part of the congregation that was seated on the stadium floor, raising hands and praying for the attendees! It was amazing. I thought at first he was just praying as everyone else was, for the items outlined for the event. But when I saw him stop, face the crowd, and raise his hands over them, it dawned on me that he was praying specifically for the attendees. He must have walked miles that day.

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