The Jesus Question: Confession of a secret Jew

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Today we have a guest post from Dr. Dell F. Sanchez. I haven’t met him in person, but I did do book inventory for him once in Jerusalem.

He is a Believer in Yeshua and an author from Texas who spreads the word of the hidden Jewish roots of many Hispanics in the Americas. Below is his testimony as found in his latest newsletter. I post it here with his permission. Visit for more on his ministry, his testimony and resources. Shabbat shalom.

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The JESUS Question!

My Confession

By Dr. Dell F. Sanchez

“What are you going to do about Jesus?” This has been a question asked me by Christians and Jews. I will respond to this question as a descendant of secret Jews (Sephardic Anusim).

First of all, I’m writing this because of recent dialogues with my rabbi who has been a treasure of knowledge and hope to me. I am doing so in a spirit of deep humility and sincere honesty.

It’s amazing how the name and person of Jesus has been a fighting term for 2000 years! To me, it’s a very sad prospect–a sad reality that brings me great grief. Let me try to explain this issue as it relates to me privately and spiritually.

Christians often blame Jews for killing Jesus which I do not believe. Jews blame Christians for fiercely persecuting them because of Jesus which I do believe. Christians say Jews must embrace faith in Jesus and Jews say Jesus and Judaism don’t mix. I am not going to react to this millennial battle. But I shall share where I stand regarding this issue of Jesus in my personal life.

The fact is that since I was a child, I have had a most special and peculiar relationship with the Person named Jesus. I have not embraced Jesus as a religious belief or a Christian dogma; nor because He was forced upon me. All my life I have had a most intimately personal, and to a great degree, very private relationship with Jesus. You see, when no one else was there for me-Jesus was. Please bear with me as I briefly explain to you why I feel this way. And I am in no way attempting to ‘push Jesus’ on anyone. This goes against the principles of my life.

When I was being abused as a child for many years, no one was there for me. While growing up in school, a victim of bullies, no one was there for me. When I was having serious challenges as a young married father, no one was there. When I was pastoring a Christian church in the poorest neighborhood in my hometown, no one was there for me. When I was litigating (pro se) on my own for the acquisition of a high power, Christian educational TV station before judges of the FCC, no one was there with me. While building and operating a high power Christian educational TV station, no one was there. When I was desperately searching for my true ancestral roots, no one was there to guide me. There weren’t Christians nor Jews, neither were there pastors nor rabbis nor priests there for me-ONLY JESUS.

During my 15-year journey in reconnecting with my ancestral roots and heritage, and during the years I’ve passionately been a student of Judaism among my “Jewish family,” Jesus has been there with me all along.

While Jews and Christians have questioned me about my private beliefs in Jesus, I often felt like many of my ancestors may have felt when they were before the infamous Inquisition. I felt like I wasn’t merely questioned but interrogated with the intent to trap or force me to say things I wasn’t ready to speak about.

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I want to go on record publicly by declaring that I am an Anusim. I am an “Anusim of the Way.” In other words, I am a descendant of secret Jews that were expelled from Spain and later from Portugal and were horribly persecuted in Mexico and all of Latin America. I am not a token of modern day Christianity. I am a fierce Zionist who happens to have a deep relationship with Jesus like I never had in the 67 years of my life.

I’m very disappointed, indeed, disgusted with so much anti-Semitism within the Church of today, including its practices and beliefs of replacing Israel’s role in prophecy with the Christian Church. Frankly, I’m grieved by the helps many Christians give to the very people that are terrorizing Jews and want to wipe Israel off the map.

So who am I? I am a descendant of Secret Jews by heritage, by blood by ethnicity and by DNA. My Jewish family may not see me as a Jew by faith; but I am a Jew by blood and ancestry. Christians may wonder what brand of Christian I am but there’s no need to wonder because I am simply an Anusim on the Way with Jesus as my constant Companion and Guide. I call Him my Lord.

I wish to add one last thing to this matter which I’m sure will continue to emerge for the rest of my life; and that’s perfectly okay with me now. I want to also declare that I am a fervent student of Judaism-not merely influenced by head knowledge but as a matter of the heart. I shall continue to enjoy studying what Christians call the Pentateuch which we call the Torah and the prophets. Nonetheless, I shall also continue to study and quote from what’s referred to as “The Christian Bible,” meaning the New Testament. However, I shall also continue to study it from an Anusim’s perspective not a modern day traditional Christian view. When asked if I’m Jewish, my answer is YES in terms of ethnicity and ancestry as well as a strong belief in Torah. I shall continue to observe the Biblical Feasts and shall, by choice, prefer kosher oriented foods. And I shall continue to fully enjoy fellowship with Jews and Christians that don’t believe my exact way but are devoted to the well-being of Israel and her Chosen People, the Jews.

Meanwhile, I shall continue to research and to publish on the subject of my call and passion-the descendants of secret Jews also called the Sephardic Anusim. I plan to fuel my gifting in the arena of media such as radio, TV, the internet and the printed word.

I would love to hear from you whether you agree with me whether it be totally, in part or not at all. Either way, as Shakespeare once said, “To thyself be true,” and this I have been with you — and brave too!

Shalom en EL,


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5 thoughts on “The Jesus Question: Confession of a secret Jew

  1. My DNA (tested through genealogy research) indicates I descend from both Sephardic and Ashkanazi Jews. One of my Freeman cousins was an exact Y-DNA match to a man named Friedman. He and I descend from the same Freeman ancestor.

    We also found that one of my family names, Pharis, is thought to be Jewish in origin. One day I typed the plural…Pharises, and realized that it was one “e” short of Pharisees. Made me wonder.

    Some of my other lines were members of the Presbyterian church in Europe (particularly Germany). Genealogists believe the Presbyterian church was actually a front for Jews. I believe my Richters were of Jewish origin.

    Even my married name (Hartman..originally Hartmann) is a German Jewish name. I am convinced there are many, many people who have Jewish roots, but have no clue they do.

    Gen 18:18-19
    18 Abraham will surely become a great and powerful nation, and all nations on earth will be blessed through him. NIV

  2. I’ve never had my DNA tested to find out whether I am of Jewish extraction. I’m not sure that I will. I’d be pleased to find that Jewish blood flows through my veins, but I’m just as happy if I’m 100% Gentile. In my 53 years, I’ve had to slaughter certain sacred cows that I had bowed to. At best, this is still a work in progress for me. What I’m trying to say is that my journey has taken me to the realization that far too fews have embraced Yahshua as Messiah and far too few Christians have embraced the, “Jewish” High Holy Days which is our heritage. Yahshua observed each and every one of them, to say nothing of commanded His disciples moments before His ascension that we should teach all nations to do the very same. Although there is only one Way, each of us have our own unique experience as we travel our path to the Father through Yahshua. Yours (Dell) has been an extraordinary one and may Yahweh continue to bless and keep you and you continue to live for Him and to seek his will. Shalom, shalom!!

  3. I am the result of a Jewish family that has hid its heritage for several generations and my generation has begun to rediscover who we are. We have located one member of our family who has most of the history and we now know that we are Jews. Our families migrated to many places over the years, but the historian in the bunch believes that we are descended from the Tribe of Benjamin. How she believes this I am not sure. I would love to discuss the topic and others with you some time.

    1. Hello, Troy. Thanks for reading and commenting. While I have my suspicious about my family lines, I have very little knowledge about the crypto-Jews. Dell, the author of the post, would have more info. You can contact him through his website,

      Dell was looking for feedback, so I’ll forward your comment to him.

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