Terror attacks, rockets kill several in S. Israel

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Globe webcam provided by 123RF Stock PhotosGod says in Hosea 4:6 that his people die because they lack knowledge. Knowing world events clues us in to where we are on the Biblical, prophetic time line. News should prompt us to pray for two things: that the eyes of the lost and deceived are opened to God’s love as expressed through the life and death and life of Yeshua and that God’s Kingdom come on earth.

Why so much Israel news? God always meant Israel to be an example to the nations, an example of His righteousness, His justice, His mercy, His love. She is also a signpost. Consider this. Zion, God’s other name of Jerusalem, means “signpost.”Messiah draws nigh. The events in Zion speak to that.

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All was mostly quiet until Thursday, when a coordinated triple-attack in the far south of Israel started a domino effect. The Israeli army responded by quickly chasing down and killing some of the assailants. Rockets began to fly out of Gaza into the cities of south Israel. The Israeli air force flew sorties over Gaza, bombing militant holds and killing a militant leader. More rockets ensued. As I write, reports have more than 80 rockets fired from Gaza in less than three days. Saturday night, one hit a house, killing a man and wounding a 9-month-old baby.

At right is a map to give you a geographical perspective. The rockets are coming out of the Gaza strip. The fatal strike on a home was in Beer’sheva nearly 30 miles away. Rockets have also hit Ashkelon and Ashdod.

The Arab League, meanwhile, has called an emergency meeting for Sunday. Nabil Shaath, a senior member of Abbas’ Fatah party, earlier called the air strikes on Gaza a “war crime.”

Hamas is saying the cease-fire called in 2009 is over. Others say that the initial attacks near Eliat by Popular Resistance Committees shows that Hamas is losing control in Gaza.

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  • Grad rocket directly strikes home in Be’er Sheva; one dead, four seriously wounded
    Rocket and mortar strikes take place throughout southern Israel on Saturday; two children lightly wounded in Ofakim.
  • Diplomacy: Can September place Israel on the ICC dock?
    Palestinians are likely to lose their battle for full UN membership, but can still advance their cause by becoming an observer state. “Palestine’s admission to UN would pave way … for us to pursue [legal] claims against Israel.” -PA Prez Abbas
  • Israel apologizes to Egypt for killing troops
    Israel apologized to Egypt Saturday for the deaths of three Egyptian soldiers during a cross-border clash with Palestinian militants, hours after Cairo threatened to withdraw its ambassador.

    RC: Egypt deserved Israel’s apology for border deaths. Turkey demanding apology for flotilla deaths different altogether.
  • The day that should change reality TV
    Monday, August 15, 2011, is a day that should forever change the way reality television is produced.

    RC: ‘and the love of many will grow cold’ (Mat24). That’s why we’re able to watch people self-destruct on TV.
  • Profound roots in Israel
    We have a State of Israel to defend our right to exist, and a large Christian community which understands the justice and the truth of our rights to Israel.
  • Suicide bomber kills, injures Egyptian forces near border
    Explosion caused on Egyptian side of border near Philadelphi Route crossing; security officials say bomber member of PRC.
  • 10 rockets strike Israel day after coordinated terror attacks kill 8


    At least 7 wounded as Palestinians fire Grad, Qassam missiles at Israel the day after a terrorist attack near Eilat and an IAF counter-attack on Gaza.
  • Troubled Waters: Why China’s Navy Makes Asia Nervous


    The acquisition of a decommissioned Soviet carrier, at a time of naval tension in Asia, heralds Beijing’s growing territorial ambition

  • Cholera kills nearly 500 in Cameroon since August 1, officials say


    Public health officials say nearly 500 people have died of cholera in Cameroon this month, and 13,000 cases have been reported in the country this year.

  • 6 dead in string of attacks in southern Israel


    At least six people were killed and more than two dozen others were injured in southern Israel when attackers fired shots at a bus, assaulted Israeli soldiers, and fired mortars and an anti-tank missile.

  • Twin reduction abortions: Why do they trouble pro-choicers?


    What’s worse than an abortion? Half an abortion.
    It sounds like a bad joke. But it’s real. Twins? No, thanks.
  • Fatah-Hamas reconciliation stalls over Palestinian statehood bid


    PA President Abbas, eager to get Palestine into UN, backs away from Hamas, who won’t recognize Israel, abandon violence. Senior Fatah official says, ‘We are not giving the Americans or anyone else a reason to shun us because of the reconciliation or anything else.’
  • Over 5,000 Palestinians flee Syria refugee camp in Latakia


    UNRWA says Palestinians flee after Latakia came under heavy fire over the weekend; it remains unclear as to where the refugees are seeking shelter.
  • Hamas disperses anti-Assad protest in Gaza


    Protest was meant to show solidarity with Palestinian refugees who have fled their homes due to Syrian government’s violent crackdown on demonstrators.

    RC:Syria displacing Palestinian refugees as PA seeks statehood seems timed, if not by Assad, by the Adversary.

  • Chinese Jews Face Existential Questions


    For much of the past millennium, Jews in Kaifeng— descendants of merchants who arrived here from Persia—have been struggling with an existential question: What does it mean to be Jewish?

    RC: The Jews of China and identity question. Read to end to see how Yeshua-believing Jew helping them relearn who they are.
  • U.S.: Israeli construction in Ariel ‘deeply troubling’


    White House joins Palestinian criticism of Israel’s plan to construct 277 homes in the West Bank settlement of Ariel.

    RC: US upset about new homes in Ariel. Some are for families displaced from Gaza. Ariel has university. We’re not talking about a few shacks on a hill.

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