Elav Youth Conference is here!

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The Elav Youth Conference starts Sunday and I’m ready to go document it.

I’m cheating a little bit by reposting this prayer list. Things have been hectic my first days back in the Land and I did not get to blog like I’d hoped.

Please continue to pray for the conference. Rick and Patti Ridings, founders of Succat Hallel 24/7 house of prayer have sent out a list of prayer requests concerning the conference. It is the easiest, most powerful way you can support the event. Further down, there is link for those who would like to support the conference financially.

Evening sessions will be broadcast on God TV, so you can watch and pray. Last year, people said they spotted me moving to and fro near the stage as I took photos. Keep an eye out.

At the least, I will send tweets/Facebook updates through out the conference. God willing, I’ll blog on the fly via the Blackbery. I’m excited to try to app for real now.


Camera and pen

Praying for Succat Hallel’s Israeli Youth/Young Adult Conference

Elav 2011 in Tel Aviv August 14-16, 2011

1. Stand against anything that could hinder, interrupt, or interfere with the conference: Pray that no war or terrorist attacks will come to Israel in these next two weeks or during the conference.

2. Pray for a quick release of finances for the conference.  Last year about 500 Jewish messianic and about 100 Arab youth/young adults attended our conference. Most cannot afford it, so we have to seek sponsors.  People can sponsor one Israeli youth/young adult to attend with a donation of $200.  Pray for a quick, huge response to this and that we will receive in the next two weeks before the conference $30,000 that is still needed. Visit the Elav 2011 website if you would like to help financially.

3. Pray for fresh oil for each of the speakers and worship leaders.  Pray that nothing will be able to hinder them from being prepared spiritually and that they will be rested and immediately in the flow of what the Holy Spirit is doing.  Pray that we will have each speaker and worship leader at the right moment in the schedule.  The speakers are

  • Wes Hall, International House of Prayer — Kansas City
  • Itzak Mor-Haim, Israeli youth pastor
  • Rania Sayegh, director of House of Prayer & Exploits — Nazareth
  • Jon Mark Davis, Succat Hallel
  • Adam Rosenfeld, Succat Hallel
  • Steven Khoury, pastor in Bethlehem and Jerusalem
  • Lisa Miara, Jewish believer from Jerusalem with a testimony of forgiveness as key to her healing from paralysis
  • Shmuel Salway, leading Israeli youth pastor
  • Joshua & Sarah Pex
  • Rick Ridings, director of Succat Hallel
  • Eddie James, guest worship leader

Pray for great anointing on Eddie, and also on the Israeli and Arab worship leaders/bands.  And pray for the right translator for each speaker.

4. Pray protection over all the administration and equipment. Please pray protection over those carrying the heaviest load of the administration.  Pray that the sound, lights, and projection, and video equipment will all work as they should.

5. Pray for a real flow of love and relationship-building between the Jewish, Arab and international youth/young adults attending. A large part (300) of the Jewish and Arab youth will be staying together at a campground. Pray against disciplinary problems and for the right oversight. Pray the Jewish and Arab youth will reach out to each other and form friendships.

6. Pray for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit that would produce life-long change in the lives of all attending and all watching on GOD TV. Elav will be broadcast live in the evenings. Day sessions will be recorded for possible later broadcasts. Pray for amazing times of worship, with all those attending entering in fully.

7. Pray we will have exactly the right people on the ministry teams and for great anointing on them as they minister.

8. Pray that exactly those of God’s own choosing will attend … that no one will be there who would distract others … and that everyone who is called to be there will attend.  Pray that we would have at least 1,000 Israeli youth/young adults attend.

9. Pray that the conference and Succat Hallel will remain hidden from those who should not know about it, who might try to harass those attending if they know about it.

10. Please pray protection, anointing, wisdom, and strength for Patti and Rick as spiritual “mother and father” for this. 

11. Pray against harassment, confusion, and any kind of relational problems amongst any of the leaders, administrators, or volunteer helpers. Pray for a great unity and love flowing between all of us.

12. Pray that all will go smoothly back in our main Succat Hallel worship room before, during, and after the conference.  Pray protection for the whole Succat Hallel community, and no backlash from the enemy.

13. Because of Israeli law, all Israeli youth 18 and under who desire to attend are required to have both parents sign a permission form stating they are aware this is a messianic/Christian conference and it is OK for their child to attend.  Pray for all wanting to attend that their parents will agree to sign the form. Pray for favor with Israeli authorities for those coming from Palestinian areas for whom we need permission (for those coming from Bethlehem, Ramallah, etc.)

14. Please pray as well for protection and anointing as we take a group of Israeli young adults to pray on the streets of Tel Aviv in the days just before the Elav conference.

In view of the level of spiritual warfare faced in planning such a conference here, we encourage you to consider setting aside a time to fast and pray for it.  Last year, we heard that some even fasted and prayed 40 days for the conference.   What a show of love for the Israeli youth!

We thank you for your prayers!

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