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Before the bombings, Arabs & Jews bonded

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I want to share some specific stories and thoughts on the happenings of Elav, but things have gotten busy for me in Israel. I missed one appointment this morning, so instead of fretting too much, I put myself to work.

With more pictures and fewer words, you can see Elav unfold. I still hope later this week to share some of my thoughts and prayers as I documented this event.

Day 1

Many of us volunteers from Jerusalem boarded a morning bus to Tel Aviv, where we helped set up Hanger 11. Participants started showing up for registration even before the stated 5 p.m. At 7, Bethany Rosenfeld — daughter of Succat Hallel founders the Ridings — opened worship. She was followed by a word from Shmuel Salway from Tel Aviv and then U.S. worship leader Eddie James. Wes Hall from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City closed the evening with a message and a time of prayer.

Day 2

Opened with worship, lead by a pastor and children from Arab congregations in Bethlehem and Jerusalem. It was an improvisation that went very well, thank God. A band from Palestinian Ramallah had be scheduled, but they were denied travel permits. (Most of the 70-odd permits for the Bethlehem participants were initially denied. As intercessors through out Jerusalem prayed — literally at the same time — an Israeli official who is friends with the Bethlehem pastor called ‘just to see how he was doing.’ The pastor explained the situation, and with in the hour, the permits were approved. God is good.)

There were amazing testimonies provided of God’s intervention into painful situations. I hope to write about those later. Then Jon Mark of Succat Hallel and his Elav 24-7 youths lead worship and a time of harp-and-bowl intercession. So powerful to hear the youth of Israel pray for their nation. Then the afternoon closed with a word from Sandy Shoshani of Be’ad Chaim about the state of abortion in Israel.

After worship lead by Jamie Hilsden & Lior Sperandeo then Eddie James, Izhak Mor-Chaim, a youth pastor from Ashdod, shared and word and led in prayer.

Day 3

The last day opened with the Tiferet Yeshua Worship Band and then a powerful (spiritually, too) ministry time by YWAM’s Team Xtreme. In the middle of this, the Team Xtreme leader asked who hadn’t accepted Yeshua as savior. To many’s surprise, several dozen young people came up, many of them pre-teen and Arab. There is a story that a young girl from Jericho went up, tears pour down. She was asked if she was recommitting her life to God, but she said that she’d never surrender to Yeshua before.

After lunch, we worshiped with the Adonai Roi Worship Band. Then Rania Sayegh, leader of the House of Prayer and Exploits in Nazareth, gave the word. She is one of my favorite leaders in Israel and the one who makes me put down my camera and take notes. Perhaps I can share later a bit of what she spoke on.

The event closed powerfully. We were lead in worship by Eli Ben-Moshe and then Shmuel Kalmykov. Then Wes Hall shared a word and led us again in to a time of prayer and worship.

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Below is a video produced by Maoz Israel. It tells, in the participants own words, what the conference means to them. There are still costs that need to be paid after a huge event like this. Consider giving to the Elav Conference so that more young people can come to be ministered to by God.

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  1. Thank you for sharing…..*tears* as I watch the video. Abba bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you, Cariño. You keep us informed of everything. Thank you.

  2. My heart is full with joy and thanksgiving to Our Lord God Yeshua for providing you with all your needs, so you can share Elav with all those who cannot be there. Luv u

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