Continue to pray for security on Israel’s coasts (video)

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Rick Ridings, a founding intercessor, at Succat Hallel in Jerusalem, updates how intercessors have been praying and how the LORD has been responding concerning the Gaza flotilla and other threats.

Continue to pray protection over the Israel sea coast.

Ridings reports that Iran had a missile-bearing submarine in the Red Sea. Pray the protection of the blood of Yeshua over the Mediterranean Sea coast, that life and not death would come out of those waters. Agree in prayer on Psalm 29:3:

The voice of the LORD is over the waters;
the God of glory thunders,
the LORD thunders over the mighty waters. (NIV)

Thank you to those who are praying over Israel and the Middle East at this time. Ridings believes that we can pray for a window of mercy over the region so that war is stayed and so there may be a harvest for Messiah among the Jews and Arabs.


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