When a Burn refreshes (van update)

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[The transmission of the Burn Wagon is being repaired and the LORD continues to provide funds. If you are led to help financially, scroll down to see how.]

It gets hot in El Paso. 100 degrees F (40C) is not rare in the summer.

My maternal grandmother used to say that if, on a hot day, you drank a HOT cup of coffee, you would be refreshed. Why? Because you sweat. The desert heat is dry, so when even a hot breeze flows, the sweat evaporates and you feel cool. It’s evaporative cooling at it’s simplest.

Spiritually, it’s hot and dry in this desert city. The Burn Wagon came to set us ablaze, and we are refreshed.

A team from Oklahoma and California trucked themselves to El Paso to kick off their 2011 tour. Saturday, they joined us at Justice House of Peace for breakfast then we just jumped into worship and intercession. It was a quick way to meet one another — in the spirit. Then we headed to the Chamizal National Park to pray in view of the Cordova Bridge. We spent more than an hour worshiping and interceding for both Juarez and El Paso.

Roger Joyner, one of the tour leaders, said he immediately felt that this is really one city, even though it is divided by an international boundary. Yes, El Paso del Norte, as Juarez was first called, has a history of being one city — first under Spanish rule, then Mexican. Before the violence flared in Juarez three years ago, many area residents treated the two cities as one, living on one side and commuting to work on the other. Some still do, despite the dangers.

After food and rest breaks for all, we gathered for a solemn assembly at Nuevo Pacto church. It was a time of intense worship and encouragement and intercession. MANY, MANY THANKS to Nuevo Pacto for providing the use of their building. JHOP and Burn Wagon are most grateful.

Sunday, the Burn Wagon team split to minister in prayer and worship all over the city: a team stayed at Nuevo Pacto for worship; a team came to JHOP for some intercession time; a group crossed with JHOP director Beti Stanghellini to minister at a church in Juarez.

After lunch, we all trekked to the Wyler Aerial Tramway to speak over our cities from Ranger Peak. It was an amazing time of worship at sundown.

We thank God for new friends met and for divine appointments.

Please pray for the Burn Wagon team as they head to Phoenix and then Las Vegas. Their van has been giving them trouble. We are believing it is a simple electronics problem rather than a complicated mechanical problem. They are getting their transmission repaired. Stand with us in prayer, that the LORD would heal their travel horse so they can get back on trail.

David Fritch, one of the leaders, reports on June 14:

God is sending in the finances to repair the transmission on our Burn Wagon Van. We have received about $900 in donations so far. If you’d like to help you can give via Paypal at www.burn24-7.com (earmark Burn Wagon) or send it to

Burn 24-7
P.O. Box 833421

Richardson, TX 75080-3421

Below are more images from the weekend of fellowship, prayer and worship. (Click here if having trouble seeing slideshow).

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