Bronco Swapmeet, an impromptu photo essay

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This morning, my 94-year-old got a haircut. She was quite happy (told me it was for her boyfriend, then laughed hard at her own joke). She had dressed up and put on makeup. So mom decided an outing was in order.

We headed to the Bronco Swapmeet. It’s an outdoor market with everything from prom dresses and cowboy boots to taco and snow cone stands. It’s always fun to just walk and see what’s for sale. This swapmeet has a tin roof, so it gives a break from the hot, desert sun.

I’ll highlight a few of my favorite shots and a couple of videos. A slideshow of all the images will follow.

Bronco Swapmeet - El Paso

Lots of toy guns for sale at the swapmeets in El Paso. Very realistic looking (not the ones hanging at this booth). The kind that could get you shot by police in a dark street. One booth had an airgun shaped like an Israeli uzi.


Bronco Swapmeet - El Paso

A vendor shines the boots of a customer.


This is just random fun.


There are all sorts of way to make money at the swapmeet. I saw two different groups set up with their instruments and a box for change.


Bronco Swapmeet - El Paso
That’s my grandmother with Sylvia, a family friend.


Bronco Swapmeet - El Paso Bronco Swapmeet - El Paso Bronco Swapmeet - El Paso

It was about lunch time, so we stayed at the Bronco and found an expanded food stand with tables. I had tacos de tripitas… fried beef tripe. They were all right. I’ve had better. The grapefruit soda, though, was very nice. Cold and tasted like grapefruit.


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  1. *Grins* Me have only seen peeps getting their boots shined in Cowboy movies.

    That lil ferret thingy was random fun.

    That blue dress. I can just see me in that.

    I loved this post. Could you tell?

    Had a good giggle about the trip. LOL.

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