On to the road to Kansas City

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I need to get back on the news update wagon, but it won’t be this week. I’m going on a road trip.

As mentioned a few weeks back, I’m headed to the International House of Prayer for the Israel Mandate conference.

I am excited because it will be my inaugural visit to IHOP-KC. The occasion is quite appropriate: the conference coincides with the 63rd anniversary of the restoration of the nation of Israel. We have much to pray for as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be in the States in about a week to meet with President Obama and to address the U.S. Congress. Also, some militants are calling for Arabs to attack Israel on May 15. There is also the unrest in all the nations surrounding Israel.

I ask you to pray for me as I travel. I will be on the road May 11-20 with two ladies from Justice House of Prayer – El Paso. I am hoping for a time of refreshment and encouragement from the LORD as I wait for my next assignment.