A week ago, three of us were driving through Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas on our way back from the International House of Prayer. It’s taken me this long to update you because I’ve had to sort through many things.

The conference and time at IHOP was great. The teaching was encouraging and enlightening and challenging.

I was introduced to a Bible teacher new to me: David Pawson. I say ‘new to me’ because Mr. Pawson is well know in Britain and has been on this earth for 81 years old. And still, he had the energy to teach three sessions nearly every day for 9 days at IHOP.

I encourage you listen to these teachings, especially if the idea that Israel still matters to God is a novel one for you.

The whole conference is archived at IHOP. You can watch the video (click on ‘watch the archives’ image, not video window) or download mp3s. The topics were as follows:

My suggestions

If you are still unsure Israel is still favored of God and that the promises recorded in the Law and the Prophets are still valid, listen to ‘Praying for Israel: Why and How?’ as well as ‘Battle for Jerusalem.’

The two talks by Dan Juster of Tikkun International on what is happening politically and spiritually in the Land are must listen for Israel intercessors.

Finally, if you want to be challenged, if you want to know how to deal with the rise of radical Islam as well as how to respond to God about the darkening of the world, you MUST listen to the Habakkuk teachings. You MUST. I hope to blog about that teaching at a later time, but I am still processing.

A thousand more words

A woman dances and worships with a tamborine as Cory Asbury (right) leads worship at the Forerunner Fellowship Center at IHOP in Grandview, Missouri.

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