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[Rick Ridings of Succat Hallel, a house of prayer in Jerusalem, has released another prayer alert. The video has been added at the end of this post.]

I kind of hoped to give you an update from my trip, however it is late and there are more pressing issues.

May 14 (Saturday this year) is the anniversary of Israel’s statehood, as established in 1948. While Israeli Jews celebrate, some Arabs mourn the nakba, the catastrophe.

This year, some militant Muslims are calling for a rush on the borders of Israel on May 15 to take the land of Israel back. Israeli police and military are on alert. Already there has been violence in Jerusalem. There were also anti-Israel demonstrations in Egypt. AND…

The U.S. envoy to the Middle East resigned and was replaced, this a week before Obama announces a new Middle East plan. The day after that speech, Israeli Prime Minister is to meet with Obama in the White House and then address the U.S. Congress a few days later.

Following is an excerpt from a message I received from Jerusalem concerning how to pray about the nakba demonstrations:

A call to prayer

We as believers in the land are asking for your help. Please pray against the “old hatred” that threatens to consume this land once more. Be like the praisers that Jehoshaphat sent into battle. When they began to “sing and praise” the LORD set ambushments against the children of Ammon, Moab and mount Seir. This is an hour to ask God to “set ambushments against” those who would seek to mass against Israel’s borders and do violence against its citizens.

As we gathered to pray today, I saw the enemies of Israel, gathering their women together and using them as shields, to cross over the borders of this land. I saw “a terrible army of Islamic women” marching from Gaza city towards Israel, protecting their warrior men behind them. In such a case, the IDF would be extremely reluctant to stop unarmed women from crossing its borders. Pray the LORD would place a barrier in the spirit or in the natural to prevent such an
outpouring (an angel with a sword in his hand halted Balaam’s donkey: Num. 22:31).

Pray against the “nakba” spirit which threatens to consume the people of Palestine. Pray that the IDF exercises wisdom in stopping these demonstrations. Pray that any violence against Israel be quenched. Pray that the strategies and maneuvers of those planning these demonstrations be uncovered and stopped. Pray for the safety of those who live in Israel.

“Turn off the heat”

As we prayed I saw in my “spirit” a temperature dial on the face of an oven, then a hand reaching out to turn off the heat.” Pray that the LORD God would quench the “heat” of this “nakba.” Pray that the PA’s and Hamas’ fires of anger and violence would be stopped.

“Take a Minute”

I also saw a picture of a American revolutionary “minuteman.” These early colonial militia were required to be ready for warfare in one minute. Be like these “minutemen” in your prayers for Israel. Take a minute during your day, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Pray one minute in each hour of your day if you can for Israel or when the Spirit directs. Remember the LORD’s advice to Jehoshaphat be not afraid nor dismayed: “for the battle is not yours but God’s” (II Chr. 20:15).

Following is the prayer alert from Succat Hallel: