Kansas City-bound for Israel Mandate

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Shalom, friends.

Well, the LORD has opened the door for me to travel to the International House of Prayer in Kansas City for the Israel Mandate conference. I am very excited.

He has provided for transportation and a bed. I know He will provide for the registration and food for a week and a half.

I’ve never been to IHOP. I’ve prayed and worshiped with some of their teams via the webstream, but this will be my first visit. I am hoping to reconnect with friends from Israel as well as network with other Israel intercessors.

I sense the LORD has information He wants to share with me. I know how clearly He spoke to me in the prayer room at Succat Hallel in Jerusalem. I’m excited to hear what He has for me in Missouri.

If the LORD is leading you to help with the cost of this educational trip, visit the Support/Donate page for more on how you can help.

These is much brewing in my life as I wait and anticipate. I will share soon more of what the next few months may hold for the Roaming Chile.


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