How to pray for Japan – week 3

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There is so much in the happening in the world. Depending on our affinities and what people groups the LORD has put on our hearts, we sometimes forget others.

Evangelization status of JapanIt’s been three weeks since a 9.0 earthquake rocked Japan and created a tsunami that crippled a nuclear power plant. There are thousands missing or dead and millions displaced and fearful.

Glory of Zion had this prayer guide in a recent bulletin. The guide originated from Arise International. It is on their website, so I hope they don’t mind me sharing it with you. I just felt we all needed a reminder about our friends in the Far East.

1. Pray against more devastation!

Last week Chuck Pierce shared from Amos 7:4-6, “…Cease, I pray, that Jacob may stand.” (Glory of Zion (GOZ): Early Prayer, March 22, “New Platforms.”) The aftershocks continue, often several times a day. Rather than just endure it, I command them to cease. I like what C. Peter Wagner said in his letter (GOZ, March 28), “God did not cause the natural disasters; Satan and his forces did. They came to steal, kill and destroy.”

2. Nuclear Radiation?

We are all surprised that the nuclear reactors are an ongoing problem. I expected it to be resolved by now. But the Lord obviously knew this would be an issue. Dale Mast recently shared how he saw an angel released to prevent disaster at the nuclear plant. A contact in Russia (connected to Arise 5) saw a vision in which the Lord was putting His hand on the nuclear reactor to calm the situation. Let’s continue to stand against damage from nuclear radiation.

3. Christians carry the glory and presence of God into the relief situation

As I mentioned earlier, it truly is amazing to see Christians responding so quickly. Within hours of the disaster, many began to mobilize. By the 2nd day, teams from other areas in Japan were arriving in Sendai with food and supplies. I did a telephone interview for BBC Radio last week, and felt the Lord gave me more insight into why He so quickly sends Christians to bring “relief.” It is not just food and blankets, but Christians also carry the presence of the Lord. That is the main calling of all Christians everywhere — we carry the presence of God wherever we go. It’s His presence that changes things; that brings healing, hope, and new frames of mind. Let’s pray that the presence of God gets stronger and stronger through the relief workers.