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That’s the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. We don’t know if it’s the spot where Jesus was buried. It fits the description in the Gospels. If anything, it gives visitors a visual and the ambiance of the place Mary Magdalene went to anoint body of Jesus only to encounter Him alive and mistake him for the gardener (John 20).

For those who believe in the Messiahship and deity of Jesus, REJOICE, for we have a God who knows our every weakness and even has known death (Hebrews 4:14-16) and has conquered it. Jesus was raised from the dead, lives and intercedes on our behalf even now.

Those that don’t believe… (LORD, help me. I’m running out of words)… We all have sinned. You know it. Every time you say a spiteful thing in anger, you prove that you are a sinful person. That is being human. We are fallen.

We are born divorced from God and from every good thing He wishes to share with us. The good news is He wants us back… with all His heart. Read His love letter to you. It’s called the Bible.

He IS Love. AND He is Justice. All sin must be paid for. Every murder. Every rape. Every molestation of a child. Every unkind word.

Here’s the deal. Either you pay for your sin or Jesus does. Yeah.

He loves us so much that God set aside all power and glory (Philippians 2) and dared to come as an powerless fetus in the womb of a woman. He grew up with the town bullies calling him ‘bastard’ all his childhood. Maybe His brothers even harassed Him, like Joseph in Genesis.

Jesus grows up, gets into the ministry. But He’s harassed by the religious establishment because He doesn’t have a degree — though they acknowledge that He has amazing understanding of the Scriptures and does amazing signs of healing.

Then, knowing His purpose in life is to die a torturous death, He asks the Father three times if there is any other way (Matthew 26:36-46). But there isn’t, so He gets up and walks to His death.

Why? Why does He walk toward His death instead of running away from it? Two reasons.

  • He loves you.
  • He knows resurrection life and kingship are only three days away.

Think about it. If you dare, pray about it. Shalom.

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