‘Roll in Like the Storms’

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This blogathon thing is trying. My days have been busy, so I’ve been tapping out posts in the last two hours of the day.

Tonight, I’m going to take a shortcut. But it’s not like I hadn’t been wanting to share this with you.

Camera and pen

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico -- on fireWhen we were praying for the pastor’s daughter a few weeks ago, I was contacted by Steve, an intercessor in California. He told me that he and the prayer network in the Golden State began praying for Mexico when the violence peaked in Tijuana a few years back. Now, they have a heart for Juarez as they see history repeat itself.

Below is a prophetic declaration for the “narco orphans” of Mexico. If you pray for Juarez, for Mexico, pray this out loud.

“Roll In Like The Storms”

by David Stewart Zammit

and Steven Johnson

In the midst of the fatherless GOD is being EXALTED

That man on the earth may oppress them no more

The innocent rise to a new dawn of justice

That blows like a storm on the foes of this war

Cleansing the land of the blood that cries to Him

Oppressors will run to find out there’s no rest

From the desire He heard of the humble

To seek out the wicked and evil arrest

THERE IS hope when there’s trouble abounding

The weak shall no longer be hunted to die

God has ordained strength to silence the avenger

Out of the mouths of the children who cry

The wicked who boast of their evil intentions

Will be caught in the plots which their hearts have devised

God won’t allow them to escape His attention

To execute judgment belonging to Christ

© David Stewart Zammit & Steven Johnson 2011

Republished with permission.