Hamas shells Israel as UN forces defend Libyan protestors

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With the way these weeks are going (both personally and in the world events), Saturdays may work out better for these roundups.

I know some of the news items are obvious. The purpose of this roundup is to remind you what to pray for and to keep an eye on world events in the light of Bible prophecy.

I thank y’all for the encouraging comments you’ve been leaving. They motivate me. Shalom.

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Week in Review



For those with a heart for Israel, praise God for the seizure of rockets headed into Gaza. As if to say, ‘We don’t need more stinking rockets,’ Gazan forces lobbed 50 rockets into southern Israel on Saturday. Yes, on shabbat and the start of the Purim holiday.

Also, Saturday, UN forces began defending the opposition Libyans from Col. Gadhafi’s offensive. France lead coalition. The U.S. is sitting back and providing support from ships in the Mediterranean Sea.




  • A new report released in the Kremlin prepared for Prime Minister Putin by the Institute of Physics of the Earth, in Moscow, is warning that the Americas are in danger of suffering a mega-quake of catastrophic proportions during the next fortnight (14 days).
    Source: Real News Reporter
    RC: Food for prayer… as earthquakes round Ring of Fire, is US next?
  • The powerful earthquake that unleashed a devastating tsunami last week appears to have moved the main island of Japan by 8 feet (2.4 meters) and shifted the Earth on its axis.
    Source: CNN
    RC: Reminder how small our planet really is in this universe.
  • The Church needs a different “foreign policy,” as it were, from the U.S. or the Europeans. Followers of Jesus Christ need to do everything possible to get the gospel of Jesus Christ into Libya. Christians should use satellite television, radio broadcasting, the Internet, and social networking tools to get the Bible’s message of hope, freedom and salvation through Jesus Christ alone into the country, and do everything possible to strengthen the persecuted believers there.
    Source: Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog
    RC: Target: Libya for Kingdom of Messiah
  • Palestinian Hamas websites quickly hailed the murder of a mother, father and three of their children, aged, 11, three and a baby of a month, whose throats were slashed in their sleep at Itamar, south of Nablus late last week as “a heroic operation.”
    Source: DEBKAfile
    RC: Terrorists murder 5 Israeli settlers in beds. Did Iran motivate Hamas?


  • Saudi Arabia sent troops into Bahrain on Monday to help put down weeks of protests by the Shi’ite Muslim majority, a move opponents of the Sunni ruling family on the island called a declaration of war.
    Source: Reuters
    RC: Will Iran defend Shi’ites shouting ‘war’? Is Middle East on verge of all-out religious civil war?



  • Picture the following: hundreds of thousands of demonstrators take to the streets of a leading Arab capital, demanding a change of regime and greater independence. The regime struggles to check this unexpected opposition, but fails and collapses. Egypt? Tunisia? No, this was Lebanon six years ago when on March 14, 2005, some 1 million demonstrators — roughly a quarter of the population — gathered on the streets of Beirut to demand the resignation of the Damascus-backed government and the withdrawal of Syrian troops.
    Source: The Christian Science Monitor
    RC: Lebanon’s revolutionary success has faded 5 years later.
  • Rebel leaders and Western powers overestimated the strength of an armed rebellion, and underestimated the tribal loyalties upon which the dictator could call.

    Source: Time Magazine
  • Japan has raised the maximum radiation dose allowed for nuclear workers, citing the urgent need to prevent a crisis at a tsunami-stricken power plant from worsening.
    Source: The Associated Press
    RC: Nuclear workers, call on your Creator to protect you.
  • Police in several countries have arrested 184 alleged members of an online paedophile ring and rescued 230 children in “the biggest case of its kind”, Europol said on Wednesday.
    Source: AFP
    RC: Praise God for battles won. Child sex slaves rescued.
  • More than 100 orphans — the youngest only 1 month old — were trapped between fighting forces over the weekend when rebel troops battling Southern Sudan’s army invaded an orphanage, officials said.
    Source: The Associated Press
  • Israel said Tuesday it seized a cargo ship loaded with weapons sent by Iran to Palestinian militants in Gaza, including sophisticated land-to-sea missiles that officials said could change the balance of power in the area.
    Source: The Associated Press
  • Amid the silent corpses a baby cried out — and Japan met its tiniest miracle
    Source: Time Magazine
    RC: Some news from Japan to praise God about.


  • The focus of our upcoming Epicenter Conference in Israel in May is from the biblical Book of Joel in which the Hebrew prophet warns us that “the Day of the Lord is coming” and “surely it is near.” That day of great trial and judgment seems closer this week as we see events around the world going from bad to worse. Bible prophecy tells us that the Lord is trying to get our attention. He is seeking to focus all nations on our desperate need for His love and His mercy. Is the world listening? Are you?

    Source: Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog
  • U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon voiced concern at floggings, amputations and the continued sentencing of men and women to death by stoning for alleged adultery. Journalists, bloggers and lawyers have been arrested or had their work impeded, and allegations of torture and unfair trials are rife, he said in a report to the Human Rights Council.
    Source: Reuters
  • The latest massacre in Israel, in which a young couple and three of their children were slain by terrorists, is not suprising, given the history of the Palestinian Authority’s demonization of Israelis. But what explains such unspeakable evil? What sort of human being deliberately butchers a sleeping baby, or plunges a knife into a toddler’s heart? As news of the massacre in Itamar spread, candy and pastries were handed out in Gaza in celebration. The Al-Qassam Brigades, a branch of Hamas, argued that the murder of Israeli settlers was permitted by international law.
    Source: Boston Globe
  • The seizure of the Victoria cargo ship is just another chapter in the larger covert war that Israel is waging against Iran.
    Source: Jersualem Post
  • Security checks at seized Iranian weapons display turns Israel’s golden opportunity into farce.
    Source: Jerusalem Post
    RC: Israel, if you gave YHWH the glory instead yourselves, His fame (and yours, too) would spread in all the earth.


  • Forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi have said they will release four New York Times journalists who were captured during fighting in the eastern part of the country, the newspaper said Friday. The journalists are reporter Anthony Shadid; photographers Tyler Hicks and Lynsey Addario; and a reporter and videographer, Stephen Farrell. In 2009, Farrell was captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan and was rescued by British commandos.
    Source: The Associated Press
    RC: These people risk their lives so you know what is going on.
  • As snipers hidden on rooftops fired methodically on Yemeni protesters Friday, police sealed off a key escape route with a wall of burning tires. One news outlet reported a news photographer was among the dead, said U.S.-based Committee to Protect Journalists.
    Source: Reuters
    Really? Snipers?!
  • A highly touted project to bring a little peace back to this violence-wracked border city with “safe corridors” along main streets has largely collapsed with a change in policing, residents and officials said. Crime initially plummeted along the two boulevards in Ciudad Juarez after federal troops began intensive patrols there in February 2010 as part of the “We are All Juarez” program, aimed at improving living conditions in what has become one of the world’s most murderous cities. But federal police handed the duty off to state police, which in November turned the job over to the city. Residents say patrols have almost vanished. Shootouts, killings and kidnappings have returned.
    Source: The Associated Press
    RC: Good plan. Terrible follow through.
  • The U.N. Security Council on Thursday authorized “all necessary measures” to stop Moammar Gadhafi in Libya — including strikes by sea and air — hours after he vowed in harrowing terms to launch a final assault and crush the weeks-old rebellion against him.
    Source: The Associated Press
    RC: UN moves last minute to protect Libyans from Gaddafi’s ‘rescue’ plan.
  • Police early Thursday found the body of a 4-year-old girl who had been shot in the chest — the fifth child killed in drug-related violence in this Mexican resort city in less than a week.
    Source: The Associated Press
    RC: Pray for Mexico


  • The strikes were launched from U.S. vessels in the Mediterranean as part of U.N.-sanctioned military action against Moammar Gadhafi. Earlier Saturday, French warplanes targeted air and ground forces loyal to the Libyan leader.
    Source: NPR
  • IDF responds to attacks with tank, helicopter strikes on Gaza; Hamas claims responsibility for 10 projectiles.
    Source: Jerusalem Post
    RC: Hamas shells Israel while the world is distracted with Libya and Japan.